September 25, 2016

Ok, we’ve heard of actors directing episodes of the show they are on, it’s done a lot. Heck, Paul J. has directed a bunch of OTH. However, it’s extremely rare that an actor is allowed to write an episode of the show. This episode is written by The Chad. I don’t know why, but I’m pretty sure it was a dream come true for him when he was cast in Agent Carter years later. He obvy likes old timey noire type stuff.

It starts out on a rainy night and Peyton is at TRIC doing whatever it is Peyton does while Lucas is at home watching what I’m guessing is Casablanca and reading over his script on the computer. He talks to Peyton on the phone and says how the script just takes him back to those days of high school. Peyton is all, ooook, and they chit chat. He finds a necklace with a dove pendant on it and she says it’s from her dad, he gave it to her after one of his trips out to sea. Zzzz…that’s what Lucas does after they hang up and we get to watch his whacked out dream!

Dan is a total villain. Karen’s Cafe is a nightclub. Peyton is in the care of Dan after her mother died. Her mother and Dan were in love. That matters, but not really since none of it is true. Brooke is Brooke only broke and owes Dan lots of money. Skills plays the piano and Mouth is a reporter/gossip columnist that figured out that Dan killed Lucas’s Uncle Keith. Skills gets his hand broken by Dan’s goons and Mouth gets tossed over the bridge by Dan for knowing too much(yeah, he’s murdered). Julian is Dan’s goon. Owen is a cop in Dan’s pocket, but still puts his foot down on the right side or the law. The presence of a decent lawman in Tree Hill definitley lets you know that it’s a dream…lawless town. Haley is a singer at the Cafe, but she used to be a singer at Dan’s establishment, The Comet Lounge, and he wants her back. He rapes her in the face even. Nathan is a bartender at the Cafe who is in love with Haley. He finally talks to her one night and at the same time receives a letter from his unit that they are being deployed the next night. They have a wonderful night and then have a wonderful next day. They even get married before he ships off. Haha, those two. They kiss in the rain and he leaves. But while all that happens, there’s a showdown outside the cafe and Peyton gets shot in the stomach and dies. Lots of stuff happens. You really have to see all of this to believe it. Oh, did I mention that all of this takes place in the 1940s? At least I think it does.

At the end of the episode Lucas is awoken by the sound of his phone ringing. It’s Peyton. They talk, she’s on her way home or some such. She hangs up and grabs her stomach right where she was shot in the dream and falls to the ground in pain. Whaaa? Roll credits.

Until next time…tooda loos!