September 26, 2016

Peyton might have cancer. Lucas has to go to LA to meet a director. JAMES VAN DER BEEK! Dawson plays a nutty director guy that snorts cocaine right in front of Lucas and has his own ideas about the movie. First he wants to kill Haley off and then he wants to have Haley and Lucas get married. Lucas just looks at this guy like he’s nuts, not quiet knowing what to make of him. Meanwhile, Peyton doesn’t want to tell Lucas her news over the phone. So she acts like everything’s ok. It’s Mia who gets the down Peyton. But Mia really is being a brat. I don’t get the whole “I write my own songs” shingdig. I mean, that’s great, but other people write great songs too and maybe one will fit on your album. I don’t get the strange stigma of singing a song written by someone else! That’s crazy. So, maybe Peyton could’ve made a more convincing argument rather than just come off as mean, but I don’t care because I don’t like Mia and Mia was being annoying.

Brooke finally tells Owen to take a hike. In the meantime, Julian falls head over heals for Brooke, she just doesn’t know it yet. But I’m pretty sure Julian knows. Brooke confides in Sam that she was attacked at her store and that’s why she’s been a little off lately. This was brought on by her catching Sam with a boy in her room. The boy was climbing out the window. Brooke decides to nail that window shut after she realizes Sam’s behavior isn’t much different than hers at 15. Only it is different because Sam wasn’t doing it she was just giving the guy a place to crash. Later Sam is talking to her friend from the morning at the diner she frequents. She sees Julian and gets his number because she’s a writer stuff. It’s a nice exchange. Not creepy. She talks to her friend some more who is a bit upset that Sam doesn’t see him as a prospect. He is upset that she’s even worrying herself about Brooke at all seeing as she didn’t have a lot of nice things to say about Brooke when she got caught shoplifting. Sam had said that Brooke needed to be put in her place. So basically, she finds out that it was her friend that had Brooke attacked because of what she said. Sam says the attack was her fault. Brooke is in shock when Sam reveals this to her and doesn’t get a chance to get out that it’s the fault of the guy who attacked her. Sam didn’t have anything to do with the attack, she was just letting off some steam. Sam is devastated and runs away. Brooke goes looking for her and Owen is really awful and Julian acts like he’s not helping look, but he so is! We see Sam get picked up at the bridge. Her friend is in the passenger seat and the driver is his brother, X. When the driver turns around we see that it’s the same man that shot Q at the gas station. Dun dun dun.

In a lighter note storyline, Nathan is taking the next step of his comeback. He pulled down his shoes that never got mass produced because he went through a window and goes to the combine for the D-League. He didn’t have an invite, but the coach of the team that feeds the Bobcats sees Nathan and says for the guy to put Nathan on the list. So Nathan gets to try out! In the locker room he writs Q.F. #44 on one shoe and J.S. #12 on the other shoe. Jamie told him that he would want to wear the number 12 on his jersey. Nathan does great! They try to put him in the practice squad for shooting guard, I’m guessing, but he says he wants to tryout as a point guard. As we know, Nathan has NEVER played point guard. But Q knew, at 6’2″, Nathan was too short to play anything else in the NBA and he wanted Nathan to have his best shot. So, they trained Nathan as a point guard. And it looks like all of their training paid off! Let’s hope. He looked great and put the stomp on the guy who spent the whole tryout hating on him. Haley didn’t really have a storyline in this one other than to support Jamie’s talent show segment and Nathan’s tryout stuff. One day she’ll have something else to do, one day for about 5 episodes. I just know it!

Until next time…tooda loos!12