September 27, 2016

It turns out Peyton’s pregnant. So the cancer scare was just a scare. She calls Lucas who is still in L.A. to tell him the good news. Yay!

Lucas is talking to a movie producer money man guy. Turns out this guy is also Julian’s dad. Lucas doesn’t like the director and it turns out it’s the guy the dad chose. He decides to keep working with Julian on the movie despite Julian’s dad being really awful about Julian. Aye, these kids and their parent issues.

Haley once again is simply there to kiss Nathan and hug Jamie. Really back breaking work. Jamie has a little mini story with Q’s brother. He’s having a play date with him at Q’s house and the mom is still very sad. The little brother, Andre, hasn’t gotten to go to Q’s grave since the funeral. They go on an adventure and the mom goes looking for them. She finds them and there’s some heartfelt stuff.

Nathan goes to Charleston because he is now a Charleston Chief. Of course, he runs into some difficult teammates. He doesn’t have the best first practice, but he’s not going to give up. And instead of losing his temper, he keeps his cool and decides to let his skills do the talking.

Brooke is still looking for Sam. Peyton and Julian help. Then Brooke figures out that Sam probably went somewhere with Jack, the boy from the window. They go ask Haley if she can get an address for him. The internet has always been Haley’s friend and she finds it. Brooke, dum dum that she is, decides that it’s something she needs to do alone. She goes to the house and talks to X, not knowing who she’s talking too, but knowing this guy is creepy to the nth degree. As she leaves he says something familiar and she knows right away that he’s the guy who attacked her. She of course busts up into that piece all alone because now she KNOWS Sam is there. There’s a struggle and she finds Sam and then there’s another struggle with X. She manages to get to her purse and take out her gun. She holds it to his head. By this point Jack and Julian have made it to the house and Sam has managed to free herself from the tape. She begs Brooke not to shoot him and then says she needs her mom or some such. Brooke hates X and the havoc he wreaked on her life, but she decides to let him live. She and Sam embrace and cry and stuff. Later that night the useless police are there to like do whatever a policeman does in a lawless town. One of the things they unearth is Q’s wallet. Brooke hears this and is devastated. Sad face. But at least Q’S killer can now be brought to justice. At least I hope so, seeing as the police in Tree Hill are incompetent jerks!

Until next time…tooda loos!