September 28, 2016

So, in case you’re keeping track…Haley is still just like, you know, there. However, Mia and Chase have a storyline! So do Mouth and Millie. But enough about them.

This episode is directed by The Chad. It’s alright.

You know who else has a storyline? Some rando teens that will be gone soon enough. Yeah, Sam and Jack. For reals.

Brooke feels bad and that it might be her fault that Q is dead because she didn’t report her robbery. Maybe if she had, the outcome would’ve been different. I was thinking that before, but then in the last episode when she talked to the cop about helping her find Sam and all he did was mock her, I was instantly reminded that Tree Hill is a lawless town and nothing would’ve been investigated further to catch her attacker. Julian has only been in Tree Hill a short while and even he knows this to be true. He gives an excuse that her attacker was masked and the chance of them finding him would’ve been slim to none. But really, he knows that it’s a lawless town and what acts as the law is really bad at their job! So no, Brooke, don’t blame yourself! X is the bad guy and only X.

Brooke and Julian got a thing for each other. Didn’t see that coming…not! They have a business meeting to talk wardrobe for the movie. But it’s at Brooke’s house!

Nathan is back in town for the weekend so they ship the kid off to Lucas’s. He and Peyton watch Andre and Jamie so that Naley can go on a double date with Mia and Chase. The kids wear them out and it’s Jamie that answers the door when his parents go to pick him up. It’s kinda cute the whole thing…because it’s a TV show…and then there’s this whole cute walkie talkie thing. And then we roll credits.

Until next time..tooda loos!