September 29, 2016

Ok, so I LOVE this show. But I can totes admit that some episodes are dumb, bogus, or boring. This one is kinda boring. And I get that the whole thing of this show is to make the little things big and that’s what I enjoy about it, but this one was like…meh.

Some good stuff happens though. Dawson is back as the nutty director. He ends up getting the job because he’s scuzzy and uses Lucas’s words to convince Julian’s dad that he’s the guy for the job. Oh, Dawson.

Julian and Brooke continue their little dance. She thinks things are going well, but then Peyton realizes their more than just acquaintances. She’s not upset, but she wants Brooke to be careful because she believes Julian to be a heartless playboy. After Sundance, tabloids reported that he was with an actress at the even, blah blah blah. We know our friends Peyton is an idiot. She sees Julian’s dad and they catch up on things. He tells her that he planted that story because Julian didn’t even show up to the movie premiere and was broken-hearted. Peyton sure knows how to pick ‘me. These guys leave her out of the blue because they make something up that she doesn’t conform to and they’re the ones that are heartbroken. Uh, yeah, sorry guys, but no. Just no. So she right away tells Brooke, which is good since Brooke pretty much took Peyton at her word and gave Julian the cold shoulder the next time she saw him. Brooke is also just nervous that she’s breaking the girl code. Peyton laughs and laughs and tells Brooke that she’s totes exempt. Uh, she’s marrying you’re ex-boyfriend, Brooke! Goober. So Julian does show up at Brooke’s house and things go to the next level. It’s actually kind of cute because he already totes gets Brooke and had no intention of giving up, just giving her space. He’s alright.

Lucas takes Peyton to their swamp spot and gives Peyton a ring, but it’s not Keith’s ring. Peyton doesn’t care that he gave the ring to Lindsay. Technincally, it was hers first. Peyton finds out from Haley about Lucas’s hang up so she lets him know that she totes wants Keith’s ring, no worries. It’s actually pretty cute.

Nathan is not get any playing time at all and his team is 0-5. They keep calling the mean guy the player on the team the best player on the team. But that’s bogus because he’s a selfish point guard. Teams can’t win if no one is distributing the ball. Jamie talks to Dan and Dan tells him stuff. Yeah, Dan’s back. He’s got another beeper. Then Jamie spends some time with his dad learning the playbook. Afterwards, Jamie goes and makes a phone call to the coach of the Charleston Chiefs. The coach is amused, but the kid’s making sense! The next game the Chief’s are down by 2 and it’s the last play of the game. The coach tells the Fox guy to pass the ball to a man that will be open! The Fox guy refuses to run the play as he intends on taking the last shot even though the last time was a total air ball! He says he’d rather sit so the coach takes him up on the offer and puts Nathan into the game. Nathan runs the play exactly as it should go, passes the ball to the guy underneath and the Chiefs win their first game of the season! Naley gets over any hurdle as a family, it’s the best! I wish they’d cut out all of the scenes of Mia and Chace and give Naley more screen time. Just sayin’.

Actually, I think I enjoyed this episode much more than I thought. It’s super cute and I like that. 🙂

Until next time…tooda loos!