September 30, 2016

It’s time to cast the movie and it opens up old wounds. Well, for Naley, it’s just funny. The casting for their parts is the dialogue from their first tutoring session. “Haley” is wearing an ugly poncho thing (that of course Hales likes) and “Nathan” is shirtless. Haha. Brooke has already been cast and the girl follows Brooke around and is super annoying. The casting of Peyton takes like the whole episode. What a nutty episode!

Dawson continues to be a jackhole and Brooke continues to read situations wrong. Lots of stuff happens with Lucas concerning the movie and squinting is definitely involved!

Peyton spends the whole episode worrying about baby proofing her house and building a crib. I call bogus on the crib building though. Andy and Karen have sent Peyton some fancy wooden crib from Italy. Um, I’m sure that Andy would’ve spared no expense and would’ve made sure it was delivered with a person that would build it! So bogus. Oh, and Mia is a terrible friend.

Haley has a bit of a storyline going. She calls Sam in and makes it seem like Sam is in trouble. Only Sam isn’t, she was just selected to have her essay published in the school paper! Sam is super excited. The only thing is, there is a new principal and she is not a fan of the essay due to it’s graphic content and subject matter. The principal lady tells her to select another essay or else she’ll be fired. Haley goes and talks to Luke about her issues and they have a great buddy chat with each other. She also talks to Sam who has heard it through the grapevine that Haley’s job is on the line. Sam tells her just to select another essay, it’s not worth losing her job over. But after Haley’s convo with Luke, she decides to publish the paper with Sam’s essay in it anyway and is pulled into the principal’s office again. !!!!

Julian once again has to reassure Brooke that he’s not after high school Brooke. He assures her that the sides written for the actress are for the movie and it’s not really how he feels about Brooke Davis now.

Nathan’s coach calls in and they talk about the Fox guy. Nathan tells him how it is and then sells himself for the job. He gets the start at the next game. He calls Haley with the good news. When he goes into the locker room at some point, the Fox guy has been fired. His family comes to walk out with him and Nathan just stares in disbelief. The guy says Nathan isn’t the only one with a family. Ok, yeah, whatever, Nathan shouldn’t feel bad. If that Fox guy really had a good head about him, he would’ve just played the game.

Night night,

Until next time…tooda loos!