October 1, 2016

Today’s episode mixes things up a bit. Well, it tries something different by presenting us with a series of vignettes.

The best ones star our core 5, of course, while 1 of them stars Jamie and his grandparents and the other is a long black screen…it’s really weird.

“The Surprise”…Lucas & Peyton…Lucas and Peyton return home after a trip to the doc. Peyton had gone down to the floor in pain again, only this time Lucas was there to witness it. They come in the house and their experessions tell you miscarriage. But then we find out that they just found out that Peyton could die if she has the baby. Peyton has no doubt in her mind that she intends to carry the baby to term. Lucas wants her to terminate the pregnancy. They discuss and discuss and cry and get angry and it’s actually a pretty great conversation. They conclude that while the future is scary and uncertain, they will have the baby and the baby will be loved no matter the outcome.

“The Long Goodbye”…Mouth and Millie, but just as it starts it cuts out and there’s just darkness. 😉 …Zzzz

The Seven Year Itch…Naley…It’s their anniversary and Haley surprises Nathan in Charleston. They spend the night in a big, unoccupied house. They have a conversation about their future and Haley reveals that she’s been suspended indefinitely because she published Sam’s essay in the school newspaper despite the principal’s objection. Look, these two love each other ALWAYS AND FOREVER! Also, they are the only consistently happy people in Tree Hill.

The Deleted Scene…Brooke & Julian…This is an interesting conversation. Julian has revealed to Brooke that he loves her. She’s not really ready to say that back. He basically spends the entire time badgering her. Dude, you’ve barely known each other/been dating a month, if even. You can’t make someone say they love you if they aren’t there yet. He fell in love with her when he saw her dancing in the store, but he hasn’t done anything so endearing as to warrant her already loving him so surely. It all of course has to end with Julian thinking that Brooke is still in love with Lucas. Um, no.

“The Cold War”…Jamie, Dan, and Deb…Jamie invites Dan over without Deb knowing. Stuff happens and then they tuck jamie in to bed and for whatever reason Dan leaves his heart beeper on the shelf over Jamie’s bed and forgets it when he goes downstairs.  Dan and Deb have kind of a sweet stroll down memory lane but then…Look, this story ends with Dan and Deb having the talk about whose fault it is that Dan killed Keith. Dear Dan, it’s your fault! Just when things are about to get really hairy, Jamie walks in with the beeper and says it’s time for Grandpa Dan to get better.

Until next time…tooda loos!