October 2, 2016

This episode is brought to yo by the Sims and ridiculousness. Yep, it starts out with Dan as a sims character walking into the hospital, ready for his heart transplant. Long story short, there’s a dog in the hospital, for reasons, the paramedic trips on the dog’s leash and drops the cooler with the heart, the heart spills out onto the floor and the dog eats the heart. Lucas saw all of this by the way. He looks at Dan and stifles a laugh. I, however, am unable to contain myself.

Dan goes to the ocean to yell at God and try and drown himself or something. Not quiet sure what his goal was, but no worries, he lives.

Naley spends the entire episode apart. It’s crazy, but they do talk on the phone. Haley refuses to bend to the will of the new principal, so she loses her job. Nathan supports her decision.

Julian’s dad was fired by the studio, therefore, the movie is dunzo. Lucas and Julian are sad, but they get some good advice from Dawson who also gives them a way for Lucas to get his production bonus.

Brooke is mad all the time right now. Hopefully, fun and happy Brooke will return soon. Julian leaves town for good so we may not see her for awhile still. However, I know something that Brooke doesn’t know and Julian isn’t really gone for good.

Dan goes to spend some time with Jamie for the last time. He’s accepted his fate. He even tells Deb that Keith’s death isn’t her fault. Um, duh. Dan and Deb say goodbye. While on their outing, Jamie asks who shot Keith and Dan admits to the crime. Jamie asks to go home.

When Haley gets home, she sees that Jamie’s been world building Tree Hill on his Sims game. There Q is still alive, Dan got his heart, and Keith is still alive and goes to visit Dan because they’re brothers and they love each other. Haley gets a little choked up and tells Jamie it’s time for bed.

Yeah, this episode is also brought to you by some heart. Because if nothing else, this show as a whole is all about the heart and isn’t afraid to show it.

Until next time…tooda loos!