October 3, 2016

Ok, we have gotten into some episodes that I have NEVER seen. I don’t know why I stopped watching, but for some reason I did. But I know I picked it up again at the start of Season 7. So from about 2 episodes back until the end of the season, these episodes are new to me!

They seem to have been experimenting with keeping Naley apart, but still in a good place because this is the second episode in which they have no contact with each other. Haley spends the day doing Haley things. Her students, led by Sam and Jack, leave class and go to her house. She takes some convincing, but ultimately she gives them a lecture on Catch-22. The choice of novel and what the name has come to imply is not lost on this storyline. The principal even manages to let herself in and proceeds to be a jerk as per usual. Haley tells her off in the end and thus ends Haley’s teaching career. It sucks, but what can you do?

Peyton spends the whole episode sketching as Peyton does only this time it’s for her unborn child. She is sketching significant moments in the story of P & L. She has gathered a box of stuff for the kid to remember her by. Both she and Lucas start the episode telling the other that they are going to tell people what’s going on with the pregnancy. Lucas is supposed to tell Nathan and Peyton is supposed to tell Brooke. Of course, neither tells them.

Lucas and Nathan spend the day together with Jamie. They start out at the River Court and Nathan ends up wanting Lucas to help him help Jamie with Keith questions. Jamie’s been out of sorts since finding out that his grandpa killed his great uncle. Yeah, Jamie, we’re all still having trouble; it was completely senseless. Lucas decides to take Jamie to Keith’s old shop which is now under new ownership that has given Lucas a key so that he can visit and apparently fix cars whenever he wants. They do some work on the Mustang and it’s pretty sweet. It has the effect they were hoping for and Jamie has come to some sort of peace. He’s learned about his great uncle and he gets affirmation that it’s ok to miss his grandpa. Poor little guy. It also helped Nathan and Lucas let go of some of the weight they’ve been carrying around, especially Lucas.

Brooke spends her day being sad, AGAIN! She’s not getting much done in the empty shop. Julian comes to see her offering her two tickets (one for her and one for Sam) to join him in L.A. He loves her and he wants to be a family. Brooke understandably freaks out and of course doesn’t give a solid answer right away. She’s just not ready for all of that, she just met the guy and she’s been burned before by this claim. So she goes to the airport to give Julian back his ticket. Basically, they missed their moment.

Until next time…tooda loos!