October 4, 2016

This episode is a bit odd and Season 1ish all rolled into one. Odd because it’s not really a cohesive story where all of the pieces kinda have the same moral or whatever. And Season 1ish because A LOT of story is covered to the point where I started to question if I had accidentally started the next episode without realizing it.

The major story is Peyton. She is on her way somewhere at the beginning and is driving along listening to Mia’s song on the radio. She stops at a light and sees a mom and daughter (presumably) playing at the corner and walking along the sidewalk. The light turns green and she goes, but another car thought that they should still have a turn and runs right into her car. Sad face. No worries, she’s fine and the baby is fine, but no one’s out of the woods because Lucas reveals to Brooke that Peyton has a condition that could cause her to hemorrhage before or during the birth of the baby. They could lose Peyton and the baby. Brooke is super shocked and then saddened by this news, she doesn’t even know what to say. Peyton is still in good spirits and is prescribed rest at home. Haley goes to visit and talk to her and they agree that Haley will finish piroducing Mia’s album. Of course, Haley doesn’t want to do that alone and she brings Mia and some equipment over to Peyton’s room and it’s really sweet.

Meanwhile, Lucas is saddened by these events and is trying to stay in good spirits. He goes to check out the car and it’s a WRECK. It’ll cost more to fix it than it’s worth. But Lucas knows and we all know that the car is worth more than the price to fix it. It has meaningful car-ness. Lucas goes and tells Peyton about the car and says they can get a new one. This saddens Peyton. Lucas then goes and visitis the spot of the accident. The chrome Comet tag is there on the ground. His meaningful squint means he’s met with destiny and fate again and he MUST fix that car. We see him with the car in the garage, squinting thoughts and bracing to restore it.

Brooke is still angry ALL the time. Crazily enough, Sam has a bigger storyline going than just about anyone. Jack has found a foster family in Charleston and they come to pick him up and they seem really cool and nice. Sam is happy for him, but also really sad about it at the same time. Oddly enough, it’s Victoria that comes to comfort and collect her from the coffee shop.

Haley and Nathan have surgery cute storyline. Jamie has done well on his standardized test and a fancy brain school has taken notice. It happens to be the same school that Haley wishes she had gotten to go to. His parents take him to visit the school and Nathan hates it. He’s actually really kinda mean about Haley being a nerd. Eventually, they flip flop their stance and they are back at square one. But then Jamie lets them know that he wants to stay at his current school because he has friends there, he gets to play, he likes his teacher, and he learns most of the stuff that makes him super smart from his parents anyway. They thank him for letting them know how he feels and will take it into consideration when making their decision. Ultimately, they decide as a family that Jamie will stay at his current school. As an aside, Skills meets Miss Lauren, Jamie’s teacher, when he goes to pick him up and takes an instant liking to her.

When Nathan’s not in Tree Hill, he’s on a basketball court in Charleston. His coach is really sneaky. When the coach was the GM he wanted to hire Nathan on as a coach. But now that he’s a coach, he has hired Nathan on as the point guard. However, he barely does any coaching and has Nathan do some coaching for him with the guy he hired on to be a shooting guard. Crazy! Nathan’s such a sucker! Dum dum.

Well, at least they gave Naley some scenes together this episode!

Until next time…tooda loos!