October 6, 2016

So some major stuff took place in this episode.

Haley’s hair looks great!

Brooke throws a baby shower for Peyton. Sam and Mia are invited, but really Brooke, Peyton and Haley pretty much just connect with eacher other the whole time. They can’t help it! They get each other.

Victoria has bonded with Sam, but I’m pretty sure it’s in part because it helps her bond with Brooke. She really doesn’t know how to be a mother to Brooke. Innyway, Sam decides she wants to stay with her “real” mom, her birth mom. She’s been afraid to tell Brooke because Brooke didn’t follow Julian so that Sam could have a stable environment. Brooke was planning to adopt Sam, she has the papers and everything to fill out. But Brooke tells her it’s ok, she should go spend time with her mom, that she stayed for Sam because it was in Sam’s best interest, now this is too. She also tells Sam she’ll always love her and she’ll always have a place for her. Sam is thankful and goes to her mom’s house and smiles to run up the walk. And I’m pretty sure we’ll never see Sam again. What a waste of screen time!

Haley disappeared for a long time during this episode because she has no storyline. Maybe someday, someday maybe.

Nathan and the Fox dude impress the Clippers scout that goes to the Chiefs game. But which one impressed enough to get called up to the NBA?

Lucas spends most of the episode being mopey. He even stops Peyton from recording a video for the kid to remember her by. Peyton also wants to get married, but Lucas doesn’t think they should. He wants to wait until after the baby is born and the doctor gives Peyton their blessing.

Peyton records a video and fills a box with their greatest hits. It’s actually pretty sweet, which is the conclusion Jamie helps Lucas come to in the end. So the episode ends with some Zzz because everytime Lucas and Peyton talk to much I get Zzz…roll credits.

Until next time…tooda loos!