October 7, 2016

This episode has some really great friendship stuff!

It’s Peyton and Lucas’s wedding day. The minister fell through, but no worries, it’s takes a minute for Lucas to ordain Haley online!

Lucas invited Julian to mend things with Brooke, but Julian ends up bringing a date…the girls that was supposed to play Brooke in the movie. For the reception, Brooke goes to the studio to snag Nick Lachey. They know each other. Brooke and Julian are just trying out make the other jealous. They don’t rekindle anything just yet.

James Lafferty does his best bit of acting yet, when he and Haley are sitting together at home after the wedding. The Fox guy got called up to the NBA, but he didn’t. He’s been pretty mopey about it all day. He’s happy for Nino, but he’s disappointed in himself. His best bit is when he says he’s tired of failing. His delivery is great. Haley takes him to see Jamie asleep in his dad’s jersey and holding a basketball.

Julian goes to the store looking for Brooke, but finds Victoria instead. He gives her a good talking to. You can tell Victoria thinks he’s ok. She’s actually not all that bad.

Lucas and Peyton are at their house. Lucas has white flower petals everywhere. He has finished the Comet and wants to show Peyton. He leaves to the garage to ready the surprise. But when he comes back inside he finds Peyton bleeding and passed out on the floor. Roll credits.

Until next time…tooda loos!