October 8, 2016

And so Season 6 comes to a close. For many, the series ended at the end of this episode. Not for me, but for people.

It begins dramatically, picking up around where we left of in the last episode. Brooke is still sad, Victoria is still a jerk, Julian talks funny, Nathan’s at the River Court getting drunk because he’s a loser, and Haley is waking up alone because her loser husband is at the River Court. But poor Lucas had to carry Peyton all the way to the hospital and put her on the f’in gurney his damn self! Eventually everyone shows up at the hospital and stands with Lucas as Peyton goes into surgery. We see Peyton come to only to be put under and then we see Lucas going to get the baby from her crib in the middle of the night. OMG, Peyton’s dead… NOT! She’s in a coma.

Eventually Peyton wakes up, everybody loves her and she and Lucas drive away in her restored convertible with the baby in the back seat. The A? We’ll miss you, but only because we’re going to be subjected to Quinn and Clay now. Sad face.

Brooke and Julian finally patch things up. Victoria grows a heart and gives Brooke back 100% control of the company. It’s Brooke’s business again! And she gets a mom! Sam is totes done with her though. That’s too bad, she had kinda grown on me.

Nathan and Haley are the sweetest. He gets called up to the NBA in this one. He’s a Charlotte Bobcat! Way to go, Nathan! Haley doesn’t have a storyline. In fact, her whole purpose this season was to prop Nathan, Jamie, Mia, Peyton, Sam,                                                              and Brooke. She’s the only supporting actor left! She just disappears for huge chunks of the episode.  She has GREAT hair this season, though. She really outdoes herself.

Until next time…Tooda loos!