October 9, 2016

It’s 14 months later, so another time jump…Dan has a TV talk show, Millie’s been working in New York for Brooke, but now she’s somebody’s boss, Brooke is still sad and mopey even though she’s been spending time with Julian, Nathan doesn’t have a renewed contract yet but he works really hard, Lucas and Peyton have moved away.

We are introduced to two new characters…Quinn, Haley’s sister and Clay, Nathan’s agent.

Haley’s recording a song and that’s what opens the show. It’s awesome because the only version of it I’d ever heard was a snippet. So that was pretty exciting to hear a full version. It’s a BJL original and it’s a good song. Meanwhile, Nathan is filming a commercial for a body spray and of course he’s shirtless, and of course he’s been taking good care of himself.

It’s Jamie’s birthday which means a party! They keep making mention that he’s turning 7. So as an FYI, it’s Jamie’s 7th birthday. It’s such a happening party that even Jerry Rice shows up! Not even kidding. Apparently, he’s one of Clay’s clients.

I want to slap Brooke because she’s super needy and it’s getting annoying. I mean, she’s dating a filmmaker. He can’t just make all of his movies in Tree Hill…oh, wait…

The record company wants to shut the label down and they send some British chick to do it. Haley’s all, whaaa?

I kinda miss Lucas and Peyton, but at the same time I don’t. It’s really weird, but it is what it is.

The most majorest thing that happens in this episode is some chick is saying Nathan slept with her at party. Um, yeah right. Not only that, she showed up to Jamie’s birthday party and Nathan had no idea who she was, but he took a pic with her because he’s good to fans. Then later Clay shows Nathan a picture of his accuser and it’s the woman from the party. This will take way longer than it should to clear up.

Until next time…tooda loos!