October 10, 2016

This will be short and sweet. I’ve been trying to clean up my room and not be considered for an episode of Hoarders. It’s just really hard, for every 10 things I toss, I want to keep 10 more. It’s a constant going back over stuff and deciding that I really really really don’t need it.

Ok, so, Nathan and Clay confront his accuser. She’s saying that they slept together, but more than that, she’s pregnant with his baby. Oh, that’s a good one. What a dum dum, like Nathan would ever cheat on Haley. This is freakin’ Lala Land, NOT real life!

Haley spends most of the day/episode wearing a shirt that’s like 2 sizes too small and trying to keep the record company from shuttering Red Bedroom Records. Don’t worry, she succeeds! She does an awesome role play as Peyton and Lucas. Her Lucas is pretty good, but her Peyton is super accurate!

Brooke’s storyline has nothing to do with anyone else’s. She decides that Alex Dupree is the best person to be the face of CoB. Of course, the chick is AWFUL! This just means she’ll be a project! Also, Brooke is dealing with Julian who is acting like Brooke was now that Brooke has stopped acting like that…you know, a mopey baby!

Oh, I almost forgot…on his show, Dan reveals that he has a wife, the love of his life. Guess who it is! Ok, it’s RACHEL! OMG.

Ok, I’m falling asleep. But I think I hit everything.

Until next time…tooda loos!