October 11, 2016

This episode is alright. A little slow, but it does cover a bit. I think the problem is that Mouth and Skills are supposed to be the comic releif, but I don’t really care about their situation AT ALL. Like if it wasn’t in the show, or if they suddenly left without a word, no one would miss them. At least I wouldn’t and I definitely wouldn’t question their whereabouts.

Millie is charged with being Alex Dupre’s caretaker. She’s not bad at it so much as Alex is AWFUL. Alex just got out of rehab as we are constantly reminded by EVERYONE. She starts to hit on Julian. Ugh.

Brooke seems happy and in a good place. No worries, Alex is in town!

We are shown more of Dan’s redemption show. It’s so dumb. He flashes back on how he and Rachel met. She was a stopping at club and there he was getting drunk and watching. They do it in his motel room and she finds his stash of self help books. The wheels turn and look it where she is now, producing a television show. Good for her!

Haley and Nathan are going through something. A lady has accused Nathan of being the father of her child and she won’t back down unless they pay her A LOT of money. Haley is really very upset. Nathan decides not to pay her because he only wants Haley and HE DIDN’T DO IT WITH THAT WOMAN!!!! He decides it’s time to tell Jamie since the lady will most likely be telling the media now. Roll credits.

OMG, I am so sleepy. I am falling asleep writing this. That’s why it’s shorter and less detailed than I had wanted it to be. But I do believe that I hit the important stuff.

Night night.

Until next time…tooda loos!