October 12, 2016

Ok, so this episode was kind of interesting. It centers around Brooke’s fashion show at TRIC. Alex will be the headliner, of course, as they are paying her half a million dollars to model their new line. One of the models insults Millie so Alex gives the chick some drugs. Right before the show is supposed to start, they find the model has passed out. Alex says Millie should wear the dress, but of course, the dress doesn’t fit. Brooke thinks quick and “Zero is Not a Size” is born.

Haley spends all day being confronted by Nathan’s issues. They talked to Jamie about what is happening and he’s having a hard time. His friends are jerks.

Mouth loses his job as the On Aire sports guy because he won’t read the non story. Pretty sure we only have two more episodes of this baby rigamarole. Um, SPOILER ALERT: HE REALLY DID NOT SLEEP WITH THAT WOMAN! We know he didn’t and we know he wouldn’t, Naley is the only thing keeping this ship afloat. Everyone would be mad at Nathan if he cheated and everyone would be over Haley if she stayed with someone who cheats!

Chase, remember him? Yeah, he is the manager of TRIC now, but he still bartends occasionally. However, he’s the WORST bartender ever. It’s hard for people to remember who he is too, it’s pretty funny.

Quinn wants to divorce her husband for reasons and he doesn’t want one. Dude, SHE DOESN’T WANT YOU! No means no man!

Alex wrote a script, shared it with Julian and he likes the story idea and will help her. Victoria caught them hugging…oooo, scandalous! Brooke says there’s nothing to worry about, but Victoria doesn’t trust Alex or Julian.

As Haley is leaving TRIC, the Accuser is standing by the car. Haley is all, What you doing here? And the lady is all, Nathan said he doesn’t love you while we were making of the love. Haley is all, Oh, honey. Then the lady is all, He said I could do stuff to him that you would never do…and then Haley’s had enough as slaps her down! Then all of the reporters and photographers come out of nowhere. Haley is surrounded and she just slapped a pregger woman to the ground.

Ok, I am falling asleep big time! It’s been a looooooooooooooong day!

Until next time…toooda loos!