October 13, 2016

Haley gets arrested for slapping the Accuser. The charges are assault and battery. Crazy. So she gets thrown into the clink for a bit. While in there she bonds with some of the ladies who have their own stories of hard luck with their husbands. She also gets a visit from the Accuser who claims to not be lying and gives Haley her phone number to look for in the phone bills.

Nathan calls and calls Clay but he doesn’t answer because he’s with Quinn and the two of them have turned off their phones. When they get to the house totally unaware of the situation Nathan is really very upset.

Over in One Tree Hill: Project Runway Edition, Brooke has asked Millie to be a model full time for the company. They are going to make a whole line for “Zero is not a size”. Of course, Millie is on a downward spiral led by Alex and she doesn’t even know it. Julian goes to work on Alex’s script she wrote, but he leaves early because she disrobes and he doens’t want Brooke to break up with him.

Over wherever Dan is, Rachel has showed him a copy of the tabloid. Rachel is every bit always Rachel and Dan shows genuine concern.

Haley stands by Nathan at the press conference. But then when everyone’s asleep she goes to the bill and sees the number and calls it. No one answers. She looks upset. Then we see the Accuser somewhere looking at her phone and seeing that it’s been called. Dan walks up wondering if this is right. Dan comes out of the shadows. Dun dun Dun.

So sleepy. Night night.

Until next time…tooda loos!