October 14, 2016

Ugh, I can’t take screenshots anymore. Ever since the iPad update, screen capturing the show doesn’t work. But I had to update the iPad or certain apps wouldn’t work. It also won’t let me delete apps, Ugh!

So, for some reason, Mia and Chase, Clay and Quinn, and Millie and Mouth ALL have a storyline. Haley does not. But no worries, it’s coming!

Brooke is kinda being annoying and kinda not. I think her character has just gotten too serious! Like, lighten up, Brooke! Julian would be so much cuter if he like just didn’t talk so much.

Alex wrote a script Julian likes, but she’s obnoxious and I’m like, go away.

Millie has been a Clothes Over Bro.’s model for literally a day and she is completely losing it! Already on a downward spiral of pills and low self esteem. Poor Millie. Mouth would be more supportive probably if he knew the whole story. Mouth got himself fired for sticking up for sports reporting…and Nathan.

Quinn is like a giant baby that walks around half naked. First of all, I don’t care that she’s getting a divorce. Second of all, I don’t care that Clay is a total weirdo! Don’t believe me? Just wait, that lady he’s talking to? You’ll see. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?!

Haley wants to pay the Accuser. Nathan is bummed that Haley has lost faith in him and might be starting to think he totally cheated. But then he points out that if he is, he’s no better than his father, especiallly since he would be abandoning his child. It’s actually pretty deep and well thought out that his little dum dum brain is strained.There’s actually a pretty funny part where she points out that something Clay said is a similie and not a metaphor like Nathan said it was. It’s pretty funny. She ends up not paying the Accuser. As it turns out, she just didn’t want Nathan to lose his dream. Nathan replies, “Lose her? She’s right here and I’m never lettiong her go.” Wow! NALEY!

Meanwhile, Dan and Rachel are trying to convince the Accuser to tell her story on their show. She’s hesitant since Nathan is Dan’s son. Haley never calls about money the drop so Rachel convinces her that Dan’s intentions are to bury Nathan, not help him. Dun dun dun.

Until next time…Tooda loos!