October 15, 2016

I really enjoy this episode!

The best part about this episode and the last episode? NO JAMIE! Unfortunately, Brooke and Haley might as well be strangers. Haley has a HUGE ordeal happening and Brooke literally spends her ENTIRE day sulking on a bench! The A?!

So Brooke has nothing to do with anything that’s going on so we’ll talk about her first. She’s still upset because Julian is still working with Alex even thous she fired her because Alex got naked to try and seduce Julian or some such. Plus, Alex is AWFUL! She’s mad at Julian too because he didn’t relay the story about Alex stripping down to her birthday suit for him. What’s also really eating at her is she overheard him talking to his dad About how he and Brooke are not getting married this year. It’s really lame and pointless. I’d be super annoyed by her and think she’s overreacting about some dumb stuff. But then I remember that she dated  Lucas…twice. So Julian and Brooke come to some sort of understanding and they’re really boring and mopey. Zzzz…

We learn more about Quinn and Clay and how they got here. Long story short for Quinn…she like her husband one way and she loved living in squalor. When her husband moved forward with his life the way he wanted to live it and not in squalor, she left him and does not want to return to him. Quinn’s annoying, but she doesn’t want David any more and in this day and age, that is not a crime.

Clay has a great background and I’d probably totes watch a TV show based on it. Well, long story short for him since once again, I’m falling asleep here…We see him meet his wife and start his job as an agent. His wife dies unexpectedly while they’re at breakfast. It’s really sad! Poor Clay. He also sees her ghost, but we didn’t know she was a ghost until we see her die in his flashback. Her ghost wants him to let someone in and lets him know it’s ok to move on with Quinn if that’s what he wants. He’s does, but he’s not ready to let go of the ghost!

Clay, Quinn, Nathan and Haley are all watching Dan’s show. It’s live today because he has a big scoop. The Accuser is going to be on his show. I CAN’T believe that Nathan Scott is so famous that this is even a blip pin any0ne’s radar. Long story short, Dan has tricked the Accuser and the Truth comes out that she DID NOT have sex with Nathan.

Until Next Time” Tooda loos!