October 16, 2016

Ok, so the last episode had the title song play at the end…this one does not. Some things in life just aren’t fair.

This one is really cutesy. Well, there’s Clay who is in a deep depression no one knows about, but this is OTH, that’s romantic! The guys are going on a camping trip, but he stays behind to spend the time with the ghost/hallucination of his dead wife. He talks to her and  they spend time doing stuff. No worries, he doesn’t get all Izzy and Denny’s with her. I still don’t understand that bit of business! She insists that it’s ok to stop being a manwhore on her account, she’d much rather he finds love again and settle down. He’s going through this mental break because he’s starting to have real feelings for Quinn and he doesn’t want that to dishonor the love he has for his wife. But Sarah totally INSISTS that it would be much better if he tried with Quinn than spend the rest of his days sleeping around and talking to her ghost. Quinn shows up to see how he’s doing and he sends her away. Ugh, if he really loved Sarah, then he’d follow his heart and love Quinn…this is OTH! He turns around and sees Sarah is not there so he runs out into the rain, gets in Quinn’s car with her and proceeds to tell her about Sarah. They then spend all night on the beach and she just listents to him. It really is very sweet. Roll credits.

Julian doesn’t want to go on the camping trip because he’s not into it, but Brooke insists that he go and spend time with the guys. He says he doesn’t really have guy friends, he really only has girl friends. Brooke is all…like Alex?! And he gets the problem of telling his girlfriend that he only has girl friends and goes on the trip. Haley is having the same struggle with Nathan because he doesn’t want Julian to go on the camping trip either. He just wants to spend time with his boy and his friends. He doesn’t think he’ll get along with him. Haley insists that Julian is going and Nathan is going to be nice to him. Skills and Mouth go along. No worries, Skills still hates the woods and camping. Jamie brings along Chuck.

Julian and Nathan end up bonding on the camping trip. As it turns out, Julian is afraid of having kids because he’s afraid that he’ll be a jerk to them just like his dad was with him. But he does see that Nathan is a great dad to Jamie even though he was raised by the DEVIL! Well, Julian…Haley. But then Jamie is afraid to go down the zip line due to his untreated PTSD from watching the dummy go down a hill and lose its head and almost drowning in the pool and Nanny Carrie. Julian notices Jamie’s hesitancy so he says that he’s too scared to go down the zip line. Jamie says he’ll walk him down so that he doesn’t get lost. Nathan is confused, but is all whatevs. Julian and Nathan talk and Nathan has noticed that Jamie is getting along with Julian. Julian says that Jamie only likes him because he’s bad at stuff. He says that to Jamie, Nathan is Superman, and sometimes you just need to hang around with Clark Kent. This is a metaphor dum dum Nathan can get behind. Then later around the camp fire they tell scary stories. Julian tells one that involves a witch that drags her wooden leg. This was all a setup because he noticed a squeaky gate on the trail. Only Jamie is brave enough to go investigate and make sure it’s not the peg legged witch. See, Nathan backed off from being brave because we all know Nathan is pretty much scared of nothing…he was raised by the DEVIL! Nathan notices that Julian knew Jamie needed that and is grateful for it. Nathan tells Julian that when the time comes, he’ll make a great dad some day. Julian is hopeful.

Meanwhile, Quinn, Haley and Brooke are having a girls’ night at the mansion. Quinn makes brownies using Taylor’s recipe. This makes Haley happy because she LOVES those brownies! As it turns out, they are of course, pot brownies. They made them for Haley because she was always stressing out about school. Haley has NO idea. Quinn made the full strength brownies this time and Brooke makes Quinn come clean. So they eat brownies and Haley gets chatty and hungry and Brooke gets paranoid. It’s actually kinda funny. Quinn of course doesn’t eat those brownies because she knows she’s hanging out with a couple of squares and knows she needs to babysit them. She invites her psychic over and it’s silly. It’s now a dark and stormy night. The only real insight the psychic has is for Quinn, which prompts Quinn to go see Clay and we all know what happens there. As the psychic leaves she scares Brooke and Haley by saying they are not alone in the house and then saying something in Latin, which they take to be a curse. So Quinn leaves those two alone and they hunt for whatever is in the house. They start to come to their senses and once they remember what the lady said, Haley looks it up on her phone and realizes it’s a bunny. Turns out Chester was stuck in the closet. This is one of those moments when you realized these two were brought on to be supporting characters, props to the leads, but then somehow became fan favorites so they kinda had to be turned into lead characters, but the writers could never really figure out what that should look like…or something like that.

Oh, haven’t told you about Dan yet. Um, Dan did get a heart transplant. After meeting Rachel, she took him to Mexico…or at least I think it’s supposed to be Mexico…and got him a new heart. Lately, he’s been having night terrors about his operation. When he does his show, he sees a boy with a blood coming from his chest and he falls over like he’s had a heart attack. See, Dan’s struggling with guilt because he’s telling all of these people that he’s on borrowed time, but really, he did get a new heart. He wants to tell people, but Rachel thinks that would be a HUGE mistake. He also finds out how Rachel got him that $5000 heart. He tells her about the boy he keeps seeing. Turns out, it’s an 18 year old boy that was in a coma. She paid the family some money and they pulled the plug. Dan thinks they took his life from him, maybe the kid was going to recover. Rachel being Rachel doesn’t see the big deal about what she did, but Dan being Dan does. Dan is like so weird. I mean, I get it, it does sound pretty harsh, but like he’s weird because he was about ready to kill the old pastor man that was in line ahead of him for a new heart. Just sayin’! He tells Rachel he wants to go on a vacation. Rachel is game for that and starts listing all of the exotic places they could go. But he just wants to go home, back to Tree Hill. Ugh.

Until next time…tooda loos!