October 17, 2016

This episode kind of dragged. But that’s ok, it still had its moments.

Millie has completely lost it. By the end she’s moved on from pills to cocaine. It’s Tree Hill!

Dan and Rachel return to town and nobody wants them around…except Jamie, but he’s 7.

Haley has a free concert at TRIC to test out material for her album. People show up and like it.

There’s a new bartender at TRIC named Grubbs. IRL he’s in a band. Don’t worry, you’ll hear him sing. In fact, you already have. The British label lady is into him…kinda sorta. He’s really good at knowing what people really want/need to drink before they say anything.

Chase is JUST bar manager now. Apparently, somebody told him that his drinks SUCK!

Julian is an IDIOT. Well, there was cocaine in the vial, but Millie ghosted in and took it and put the vial back just in time for Alex to dump an empty vial into the sink. Julian now thinks Alex was lying. He’s still an idiot for going and ditching Brooke.

Brooke thinks she’s pregnant, but then finds out she’s not. Brooke is still all ugh. Julian ditches her and she’s not happy. She keeps telling him and telling him that she doesn’t trust Alex…and she shouldn’t. Brooke is super insecure, ok! She dated Lucas…twice!

Clay and Quinn…WHO CARES?!!!! The only thing to note about them is that Clay did NOT spend any time trying to negotiate Nathan’s contract.

It’s the end of the night and Naley are talking about stuff before bed. Then the TV says that the Bobcats topped out their salary cap in a hush hush deal that acquired an expensive player meaning that Nathan no longer has a job since the team can’t negotiate a contract with him. WTF?! Clay blowed it fo’ sho’. The give good shocked oh crap face and turn off the TV. Roll credits.

Until next time…tooda loos!