October 18, 2016

Omg, EVERYONE’S a jerk!!!! Seriously, they have it as Millie being this totally different person from herself, but really it’s everyone.

Millie is doing cocaine and lies about it to Mouth, only he can’t be fooled, she left a bunch of evidence and her nose started to bleed. She’s a mess. He’s basically done with her. She’s unrecognizable.

Brooke is definitely done with Millie. For some reason Millie thinks she’s a legit model so she hired Alex’s agent. Brooke found out she can’t have kids and finally opens up to Julian about it. You know, once he decided to come back from seeing Alex or whatever. She made him sleep on the couch which he totes deserved.

Alex is the one that figured out it was Millie that stole the cocaine out of the vial that she had been staring at all night. I still don’t know how Millie magiced that shennanigan, but she did. She doesn’t judge, just tells her to stop. Meanwhile, Alex herself is up to no good texting Julian “I love you” notes! OMG, how embarrassing.

Haley and Nathan fire Clay for not doing his job. Seriously, his client delivered the bad news to him, he wasn’t even on top of that much. For some reason Quinn only sees things from Clay’s perspective. I’m not worried though. I am worried that Haley was totes really mean to her sister and very judgy. I mean we get that from Haley, but this was like next level stuff. I’m sure it’ll be fine though. They’ll get passed it and move on. On a side note, still no Jamie, just mentions.

Victoria called the cops on a drunk driver when she saw Millie and Alex leave TRIC wasted. I’m sure she was hoping it was Alex behind the wheel, but it wasn’t, it was Millie. This might be the wake up call Millie needs. Maybe.

Rachel spends her whole day in the hallways of Tree Hill. That high school needs to invest in locks or something! Anyway, she comes up with an idea for Dan to film an episode right there in the same hallway he killed Keith. Dan thinks that’s insensitive. Rachels says it’s not as insensitive as killing your brother. Haha, when she’s right, she’s right. Dan then decides to go and baptize Clay in the ocean by trying to drown him or something. It’s like really cheesey stuff because no matter the version of Dan Scott that comes along, he doesn’t like other people to walk aroud feeling sorry for themselves.

Millie gets arrested and calls Brooke asking for help. Brooke says she can’t help her and hangs up the phone. That’s cold. Roll credits.

Idk why they felt the need to make the remaining of our Core 5 so unlikeable in this episode. Hope their attitudes improve in the next episode.

Until next time…tooda loos!