October 19, 2016

Well, everyone gets a tad more likable. Ok, only Nathan, Haley, Quinn, and Clay are closer to being likeable. At least Haley and Nathan are recognizable! I’m still not sure what they did with Brooke. Like, why so sad AAAALLLLL. THEEE. TIIIIIME?!!!! Like, all the time. So now she can’t have kids and idiot Julian told Alex and then Alex went and told Brooke that she knows because Alex thinks Julian wants to be with her and not Brooke. Alex is an idiot.

Millie is still AWFUL! Like she was just a gloss over character before. I hardly even mentioned her, but now they have her making Brooke sad and giving Mouth more screen time to be holier than thou. Ugh! Go away, Millie! Go away, Mouth! Speaking of going away, Skills may be leaving the show for awhile. He’s trying to get a job in L.A. to choreograph sports scenes in movies. I think that some of the guys on this show really did put together that business. Unfortunately, we had to be subjected to Jamie and Chuck clowning Junk and Fergie. Ugh.

Nathan does get a professional basketball offer from these new agents. But it’s to play in Spain. Nooooo! Jamie of course is all, I’m never leaving Tree Hill. Whatever, kid. And then the label wants Haley to tour so she of course plots to give up on her dream for Nathan, AGAIN! But then Nathan figures out a way for both of them to do what they want. It’s actually really sweet.

Meanwhile, Clay is off trying to be an agent after he’s been fired and the agency stole all of his clients. He gets completely Jerry Maguired on that front. So now he has no clients. And once again, he has hurt Quinn’s feelings. Well, at least she and Haley aren’t fighting anymore. Haley apologized and they worked things out because they’re sisters!

Victoria is the one that bailed Millie out of the clink. She wants to protect their investment in this twerp. Of course Millie just goes back to find her blow. Only Alex gets there first and flushes it while trying to talk some sense into Millie. But all she’s done is make Millie really very upset. So Millie proceeds to talk ish to Alex and then says that Alex is into a guy that doesn’t want her back and is sad and blah blah oh and she doesn’t want to be her friend either. This dress down really sends Alex over the edge. Not to mention that she’s been informed she’s unhireable in Hollywood and that’s why not even her script got to go into production. So she goes so over the edge of the edge that she gets in a bathtub of water, calls Julian to leave a message, and slits her wrists. Roll credits.

Oh and some Dan stuff happens. They are setting up to film the show in the hallway because apparently Tree Hill High School is no longer in session at this moment in time. Then Jimmy Edwards’s mom comes to slap Dan and say she’ll never forgive him for dragging her son’s name through the mud and all that followed because of it. Dan feels bad and tells Rachel he doesn’t want to do the show and he’s ready to just leave and go find something else to do with their lives. She’s not having it so he writes her a fat check only she rips it up because enough is never going to be enough. Innyway, it all boils down to Rachel will always be Rachel and she a gold digger at this point. Their whole arrangement is gross and I don’t like either of them right now! Plus, so what? Who cares?

Until next time…tooda loos!