October 20, 2016

This episode definitely has its moments! I laughed out loud when Quinn tried out to be a Charlotte Bobcat’s cheerleader so that Clay could get into the building to talk to the GM. It was some good stuff. Oh yeah, Clay quit feeling sorry for himself thanks to Quinn coming to him with some news from his former assistant…a player’s mom was sick…a player from Raleigh. He figures out a way to get Nathan back in the NBA and back as a Bobcat. Yay, everybody loves each other again! Naley and baby don’t have to move to Spain and they head off on tour with together.

Julian finds Alex and fishes her out of the tub and takes her to the hospital. Alex spends some time in a coma or just sleeping. I really don’t know. Julian imagines the speech he’ll give her when she comes to. He ends up just saying that if she ever tries it again, he’ll never forgive her and he won’t miss her…blah blah blah…let’s make a movie. He holds her hand. Brooke sees and is upset. A little more background,  Brooke questions about when he met Peyton and when he met her and how in each instance the woman was in turmoil. Of course meant to imply that Julian is attracted to a woman in trouble. He tells her about his mom and how his mom went from being awesome to not being awesome because his dad didn’t love her or some such. Brooke is all, you can’t take that on…she’s right!

Skills and Mouth go to L.A. for the sports choreography gig. Mouth goes after breaking up with Millie and leaving her at rehab. She escapes down the fire escape. Whatever, Millie, whatever. I think Skills and Ms. Lauren break up too. They sit on a couch and talk and it’s Zzzz………

Alrighty, super sleepy times!

Until next time…tooda loos!