October 21, 2016

This episode was a lot of fun for everyone except Brooke. But we get to hear a bunch of Haley singing and I like that. So the Scotts have been on a sold out tour for six weeks and the last show is in Tree Hill! And we know Tree Hill LOVES to party!

Clay and Quinn spend the whole episode having a cutesy courtship. But since they’re not in high school it’s pretty eye roll worthy. Victoria takes responsibility for Millie only for Millie to go straight to a party and want to snort cocaine. Julian picks up Alex from the airport at the same time Brooke’s arriving from New York. Brooke thinks he’s there for her, but he’s not because he didn’t know she would be getting back at that time since she hasn’t spoken to him in 6 weeks! He of course thinks she’s there with Alexander Coyne as like a boyfriend. But she’s not, he’s just the designer for the Clothes Over Bro.’s Men’s line. And really, that’s it! Brooke of course has hurt face when Alex pops up as the reason Julian is at the airport. She’s gotten out of treatment, good for Alex.

Julian drops Alex off at her hotel room. Filming starts soon! When he leaves she immediately calls for the hook up to the party. Only it’s a twist because when she shows up she’s really only there to retrieve Millie, which she does. She takes Millie to the apartment and OMG, Millie has made a MESS! Millie won’t talk to her, but Alex stays until Millie talks to her. She kills her with kindness and Millie cries and apologizes, thinking that it’s her fault Alex tried to commit suicide. Alex assures her that it’s not her fault and she’s going to be there for her.

All I can say about the Scotts is that they hit the mother f’ing jackpot in high school. Sheesh.

Jamie has some trouble with his friends, but no worries, Nathan to the rescue!

Haley and Brooke do get to have an actual conversation! Well, Haley listens to what’s happening with Brooke since she’s been away. Haley speaks Brooke and knows exactly what’s going on with her. She assures Brooke that Alex isn’t Peyton and Julian isn’t Lucas. Brooke gives a look of this is what’s being eating at her. Although, we ALL know Lucas did a real number on this chick. Meanwhile Julian talks to Victoria to tell her that he is fighting for Brooke. He really is. So then Victoria goes to talk to Brooke about it and really all she wants is for Brooke to be happy. She also tells her that she’s helping Millie. They both agree that Victoria has gone soft.

Backstage at the concert, Alex and Julian run into each other. Then later, Brooke finds Julian and gets upset again when Alex brings him a drink. Alex skedaddles so they can talk and it doesn’t go well. Brooke just won’t believe that Julian is ONLY friends with Alex. He ONLY wants to be with Brooke. He realizes Brooke has a problem accepting his hero complex and she doesn’t trust him. He decides that they need to spend more time apart working on themselves and then maybe they can work things out. Sad stuff, but Brooke really needs to SMILE again! Pretty please?!
Let’s see, what else? Millie goes to the shop to start work and thank Victoria for giving her another chance and stuff. Julian admits to Alex that he believes in her talent and that he and his father are footing the bill for the movie. Oh, and Taylor shows up…with David, Quinn’s ex-husband! Oh, Taylor.

Until next time…tooda loos!