October 22, 2016

This episode is full of some great zingers! I was laughing out loud for quite a bit of it.

Julian fires the director of the movie because the director is GROSS! He was a real perv and giving Alex a hard time, like a real one and it was awful, so Julian decked him and fired him.

There’s some side story where Mouth and Ms. Lauren clean up the apartment because Millie has made it a mess! It probably stinks too! I mean there’s throw up splattered on the wall! Eww. Yuck. GROSS!!!!!

He wants to ask Brooke to be the costume designer, but he’s afraid to because they broke up and stuff.

Haley is pizznasties at Taylor and David and is acting really immature. But she’s the baby! It’s actually pretty funny. Haley is up pretty early to wreak havoc on the house. I’m pretty sure she’s a speed freak, but we’ll never get that storyline because she handles it so well.

Victoria causes more shennanigans to prove to Brooke that Julian still loves her. It seems that Victoria is making up for lost time as she is also being caring and motherly to Millie. She tells Brooke that Milllie needs a friend right now and she doesn’t do the whole friendship thing. I dig this Victoria because who doesn’t flove Daphne Zuniga?!

Brooke goes to see Naley to get some advice at around the same time Haley is acting even more immature than usual, but still more mature than Taylor. It’s the best! She and Brooke talk it out and again she reassures her that Julian loves her and it’s just gonna take some time. Brooke always seems to understand things better coming from Haley. Which I’m glad about since I’m read for Brooke to stop being so gloomy!

Later Brooke goes to talk to Julian to tell him that she’ll consider his offer to be the costume designer for the movie, but only if he’s the director. Awww. Julian goes to his dad to tell him that he wants to direct and his dad, without hesitation, rips up the list he put together and says Julian was on the top of the list. Awww!

Nathan is going to be in a basketball video game and Jamie invites Chuck over to play the prototype with him. Chuck is one of those friends that’s also an enemy. So, his BFF.

Meanwhile at the dinner party, the James girls have made everything super awkward and it’s like, whoa! They send up having a cat fight in the pull, which I’m pretty sure Haley was actually trying to kill Taylor. Everyone agrees that Taylor’s a Jerkface and they make strides to mend fences. Although, they’re always going to have issues because Taylor’s a mess and enjoys making Haley’s temper flare up. Quinn is like there, but the pick on the baby thing is definitley Taylor’s game and I totally understand it.

The episode ends really cutesy with Naley going to bed and talking/laughing about their day. What a couple of marrieds. Roll credits.

Next up we have an homage to John Hughes and then starts Haley’s big storyline which is why Taylor’s really in town!

Until next time…tooda loos!