October 23, 2016

This episode is really cute and sweet. It’s an homage to John Hughes movies. There’s a real sweetness to it.

It’s Haley’s birthday and no one remembers. Well, Nathan does, but he and Clay are stranded 200 miles away.

Oddly enough, she and Quinn are also hosting a benefit for the arts program at Tree Hill High. You guessed it, it’s an ‘80s theme!

Julian and Brooke make some strides to move forward as friends, but really they totes want to be more than that. They just need to take a moment to calm down.

The ending is really awesome. Eventually, Nathan and Clay do make it back to Tree Hill. While on their adventure the car gets towed, they get lost in the woods or something, and when they find the road Clay tells Nathan about Sara and then Kristy Swanson drives up in a fast car! Nathan buys the car from her, presumably after getting somewhere she can get another one and then goes back for Clay. He shows up as everyone is leaving the shindig and says Haley he bought her a car and Happy Birthday and all that. It’s super sweet! The Naley storyline is Sixteen Candles so it ends for them on the table over a lit birthday cake.

It really ends on Julian giving a speech to his film crew and stars thinking them for going on this journey with him and to make someone’s favorite movie. I like that concept. Best part? Brooke smile! So pretty when she does that. At the top of his script he’s written What would Hughes do? Which is from earlier when he and Alex were talking and she always asks her self what would Julia Roberts do? Whoa, Julia’s may favorite actress too!

Movies that they hit on that I recognize…Sixteen Candles, Home Alone, Pretty in Pink, and Weird Science. I’m no John Hughes aficionado, but he did write a lot of really good movies that I enjoy! So there might’ve been more references that I just didn’t catch. Oh, and Cheap Trick was the entertainment…that was fun!