October 24, 2016

This episode is the start of a string of sadness.

The morning starts well enough except that Taylor is back and David has dumped her. She finds no sympathy from her sisters. Everybody ends up at Clay’s house (which is really their beach house that he’s renting from them) to get away from Taylor and get some breakfast because she ate all of the cereal. Whaaa? Only she finds them there and she has someone in tow…Lydia, their mom! Bess Armstrong is back, y’all!

She has some news though. She spends the day with them, telling them stuff and showing them old photos of when they were kids and loved each other and stuff. That’s when she she tells them she’s dying. Nooooooooo! Sadsauce. So Huey has already died of cancer or something. That’s why he’s not visiting too.

I don’t really remember what’s going on with Brooke other than she just needs to believe that Julian loves her and ONLY her. Alex is now advocating for him too. It looks like Brooke might be coming around, she’s smiling a whole lot more, that’s for sure. Alex is having a terrible time acting. She’s got to get her head back in the game and Julian is doing his darnedest as a director to get her to where she needs to be. Millie is a mess. Alex tells her she needs to get herself to a meeting. Millie just goes to get the signature for the court but won’t stay. She doesn’t think her problems are as big as those people’s. Alex tells her that’s what all of those people thought before too. Millie thinks this makes sense. She does hit a low point though when some really mean chicks show up at the store. She goes home and there’s no one, not even Mouth, so she starts looking for her stash and she finds it, but ends up going to a meeting and staying.

So Lydia buys space for Quinn to have a gallery for her photography. They have a heart to heart about the afterlife and all that jazz. Lydia is totally all about it, but she’s going to miss it here. They cry and hug and stuff.

Taylor is having none of this and takes off without telling her mother goodbye. She’s really p.o.’d because Lydia has decided against treatment. Lydia has already visited the other siblings and she’s come to Tree Hill to live out her days with her favorite kids. Well, you know, Haley. Taylor is like, yeah, no, you need to fight, yadda yadda. Lydia says no matter what, her prognosis isn’t good and she’s made the decision to live comfortably rather than to try treatement that won’t work as a cure but as a prolonging of more pain and suffering and stuff. It’s really sad.

Her conversation with Haley isn’t without a lot of sadness. Haley just isn’t ready for this. Lydia says she’s Taylor’s keeper. Man, that stinks, Taylor is a mess! Haley is not so sure since later she can’t even get Taylor to stay. Lydia thinks that Haley is the rock and it’s up to them to stay strong for everyone else. Man, that’s a lot to put on the baby of the family. Later by the pool, Haley tells Nathan she’s not sure she can handle this. Nathan just holds her and lets her cry. Sniffle.

The episode ends with Haley and Quinn sitting with their mom. It’s sweet.

Until next time…tooda loos!