October 25, 2016

I never realized Joy directed an episode. She directed this one!

We start off with a Scott/James breakfast. Everyone is just staring at Lydia. Awkward! She points out their dumb behavior. Then Jamie walks in and sits with her and lightens the mood. He has no idea she’s dying. Lydia gets up and reprimands the table about how these are moments they’re supposed to remember! She and Jamie go hang out elsewhere away from the sad sacks.

So let’s just talk Brooke and Julian real quick. They continue to play the little we’re just friends game with each other. It’s annoying! Haley walks into TRIC and sits with Brooke and Mouth to get away from the sads. She enters the conversation during Brooke’s Julian rant. Haley tells them to go after what they want because you never know what tomorrow will bring. It’s cheesey great advice that gets a bit overwrought, but is broken up by Miranda the label lady walking out in her underwear as an attempt to get Grubbs to sign with the label. It actually works. But Grubbs is neither here nor there. I mean talk about a storyline and characters I really DO NOT remember! So Mouth takes this advice verbatim to ask Miss Lauren out on a date. Mouth is the WORST! Brooke takes this advice to dress up and go see Julian only to walk into his room and find a most likely naked Alex asleep on his bed, Julian’s sweater in plain sight, and the sound of someone in the shower.

Now, did Alex and Julian sleep together? It’s been established that Alex will leave the shower running because she finds the sound or whatever soothing. Also, we never saw Julian, just a sweater! Brooke, shocked, skedaddles out of the room anyway!

Meanwhile, Victoria has taken a lover. We are not told who it is for sure, but Brooke thinks it’s Julian’s dad. The last time we see her she is sitting alone at a restaurant looking stood up 😦

On the Millie front, she meets Owen at a meeting. They talk and then go out as friends. Of course Mouth gets jealous or whatever. Turns out Millie wants Mouth back. Whaaa? Owen and Millie have a good talk and Millie looks like she’s going to make an effort to try again with Mouth. But we all know that Mouth is the WORST!

So everyone is going to take a chance and go after what they want, but everyone is left wanting. Even Haley who just wants to be able to find a cure for her mother. She doesn’t though. Nathan manages to get a great oncologist to look at Lydia’s case only for the doc to come to the same conclusion…pancreatic cancer…she gon’ die. Haley is devastated.

Over in Clay world, he his off trying to get more business and comes across an up and coming tennis pro that is a brunette version of his dead wife. OMG.

So Lydia tells Jamie and this upsets Haley, but Nathan agrees that it’s good for Jamie to know that time with grandma is limited. That way Jamie will make the most of it. Later Jamie tells Haley he feels more sad for her because she’s going to lose her mom and he never wants to lose her or his dad. Haley says they aren’t going anywhere. We also see a great scene with Nathan and Lydia that makes me tear up a little. They reminisce about the day Nathan went to go ask permission to marry Haley. She tells Nathan that she knew he would change her daughter’s life. He tells her that she’s responsible for raising the woman that changed his whole world…thank you for sayin yes. OMG, I can’t even. This show sometimes…

Since Lydia has come to live out her final DAYS in Tree Hill…not weeks or months or years…Jamie and Quinn have set up an early Christmas in the living room. That’s another moment that something got in my eye! Roll credits.

Can I just point out that starting in this episode, Haley looks very Season 1? Her hair is red and straightened and her make up is minimal. It’s like they reverted her back to when she was a kid. Hm.

Until next time…tooda loos!