October 26, 2016

Brooke and Julian FINALLY get back together. As it turns out, Julian did not sleep with Alex, he just switched rooms with her! Alex was with Alexander who stood up Victoria. He’d rather be in a relationship with Victoria though. Or something. So when Alex calls him for some doing it, Alexander doesn’t answer so she goes to her costar’s room. Her co-star is a gross Jerkface human dude that is sucky, but in Alex’s mind she has no other option since she thinks she’s madly in love with Julian or something and knows she can’t have him. She’s a mess, this whole thing will be an even bigger mess because that gross co-star dude turned on his webcam and pointed it at the bed. But hey, at least Brooke and Julian can move onto a different storyline!

We are treated to an even more pointless subplot with characters I can’t believe are STILL around! Mouth and Miss Lauren kiss and then in walks Skills. OMG, like, WHO CARES?!

Clay tells the tennis pro that looks like Sara that he can’t represent her after all. She was picking up serious vibes though. He has to leave and he calls her Sara. Whoops! She takes this information and manages to find out who Sara is. She then bleaches her hair blonde and reveals herself as a NUT! This storyline will go on forever and taint the memory of Sara. Just sayin’!

The real meat of the episode is Lydia taking the day to die. She and Haley are making chicken and dumpling soup. A LOT of their relationship took place off screensville so we learn for the first time that this is a favorite thing of Haley’s. I only mention it because soon it will become an obsession or a fixation. I don’t know, but it’s significant. While it boils or whatever, Haley goes to talk to Nathan. He’s found the paperwork for Lydia’s funeral arrangements. Sad. Haley goes back to the kitchen and her mother has passed out on the floor, the whole pot of soup spilled. Luckily it didn’t scalled her!

As it turns out, Taylor does have a place to live. At least Quinn knows right here to find her to tell her their mother is dying!

Haley goes home to make some more Chicken and Dumplings Soup. She has a tiny breakdown and Nathan just holds her. She brings some soup for Lydia only Haley doens’t think it’s as good because it’s a two person recipe and the best part of the soup is always making it with her mom.

Lydia really doesn’t want to die until things are set right amongst the 3 sisters. Taylor’s pretty mean to them though and they’re old enough to fight back these days. Lydia talks to the three of them individually at parts. She ends up telling Taylor that she’s just waiting for Taylor to love herself and that she reminders her most of her. Apparently, Lydia used to be a total Taylor and because of this she knows there’s hope for Taylor.

Jamie brings the whole family closer tougher with a slideshow and light show stuff in the hospital room. Taylor apologizes to her sister and they all love each other again in a way that’s not so hostile! Lydia dies a little later.

The funeral is really beautiful. I guess we’re supposed to gather that some of the people in background are the other siblings we’ll never meet. What I like is the funeral scene is different from the others we’ve seen on this show. We see the spreading of the ashes in some little river thing. Haley spreads them. Quinn and Taylor are on either side of her. Quinn basically holds her up and Haley brings Quinn in closer. Sniffle.

The only thing that sticks out as odd is that everyone is wearing black or dark colors and there’s this tall lady in the forefront wearing bright pink. Whaaa?

I guess a little time has passed or maybe it’s the same day as the funeral…Haley prepares a fresh batch of soup with Jamie. She seems ok.

Until next time…tooda loos!