October 27, 2016

Some time has passed since Lydia passed away and Quinn’s photo gallery is ready to open. It will be the backdrop for most of the drama.

For some reason they think we care about the Skills-Miss Lauren-Mouth love triangle. Um, we don’t. If you do, sorry, but I really really don’t care. The only thing of it is Skills punches Mouth and a curtain goes down with him, revealing Alexander and Victoria about to do it. Whaaa? So yeah, Victoria and Alexander are now exposed.

That nut from the last episode, the tennis pro that looks EXACTLY like Clay’s late wife, goes to the opening. She buys the dramatic portrait of Clay. For some reason this chick thinks that Clay gave her the eyes when they first met. The writers/director/actor were not on the same page if that was the case considering it looked to me like Clay gave her WTF eyes…he looked more spooked than enamored. Innyway, he doesn’t tell Quinn right away that he knows her or who she looks like. He does eventually and Quinn’s all, yeah, that is freaky. I only mention this because it’s going to be the storyline that won’t go away.

The actor dude’s laptop gets stolen from his trailer and he freaks out because he knows what’s on it. Of course the sex vid gets out and the Bakers are blackmailed for a million dollars! Alex freaks out because she feels like crap and Julian thinks he made a mistake working with her. Brooke talks to Julian and says that he needs to help Alex get through this or some such. Julian comforts Alex and says to thank Brooke, they hug. Brooke sees them hugging, only this time she’s not jealous or thinking that there’s something else going on…she just smiles! Yay, she really is smiley and happy in this one which is more becoming and more enjoyable.

Nathan and Jamie don’t go to the gallery opening. They stay home and play Rock Band and dress up like KISS. Yeah, right, their makeup is that perfect! Jamie is really wanting a sibling this whole episode. Later when Haley gets home, Nathan says that he really wants another kid. Haley tells him that she took a pregnancy test and it was negative. But then when they hug she doesn’t look like she was telling the whole truth. Did I mention the eye makeup? Hers is very heavy on the eyeshadow?

Haley is saying and doing some odd stuff. Will she be going downhill for awhile?  I don’t know but she gets up from bed, goes outside to a windowsill facing the pool and cries and cries and cries. Roll credits.

Until next time…tooda loos!