October 27, 2016

Haley isn’t really ok. I mean, we know that she’s not because she’s said some weird stuff, but now she’s really showing it. She tries to make her mother’s soup. At the end she’s wearing a flannel shirt and decides that it’s time to go full depressed. Jamie is a kid and accidentally drops the bowl with all of the dough. It spills everywhere and Haley gets really mad. This scares Jamie because he’s not used to seeing his mom like this. Nathan goes to comfort Jamie. Oh, why is she making soup? Because she walked out of a video shoot. She had a mental break and no really idea that she’s had one. By the end she just needs a drink. She fixes herself a nice little martini with lots of olives. She sits at the piano and her glass falls. It spills the drink everywhere. She decides it’s time to play arsonist and drops a candle on it. All of the keys catch fire and she just sits there and watches. Whaaa? Nathan finds her just sitting and staring at the burning piano and he rushes over to remove her from the piano bench a and put out the fire. He is very scared and worried. Haley says she has to go call her mom. Whaaa? Nathan is left standing there in a say what karaoke face.

Other stuff happened? I’m sure it did, but come on…also, I’m reaaaally sleepy. I went to a Halloween carnival and I volunteer to be in the dunking booth. That wore me out, yo. You wouldn’t think so many kids could throw a softball that well as to dunk me non-stop for 30 minutes! OMG! Well…

Until next time…tooda loos!

















































ooda loos…until next time!