October 29, 2016

Previously on One Tree Hill, Alex and the movie star are going to pretend to be boyfriend and girlfriend. He’s gay and needs a beard, she’s being called a slut because of the sex tape that she didn’t even know was being filmed and thinks it’ll slow down the name calling if they are dating. It probably will because people are suckers. Crazy Katie the Nut broke stuff, insulted Quinn, was an overall creeper that only serves to further stigmatize those with mood disorders, then broke into or just used the front door of the beach house to watch Clay’s wedding video and go through his mementos of Sara.

Julian and Brooke watch his movie and she really likes it. It probably sucks. It looks like it sucks. I can’t imagine anything with that dude as the male lead is any good, but we’re told that it is and that he and Alex have chemistry. Julian hopes that it makes it into a film festival. Fastforward to the end of their storyline and he gets the call!

Some other stuff that happens…Mia breaks up with Chase over text message for dumbness reasons and then shows up to help out at Red Bedroom Records since Miranda’s leaving and Haley is sick. Grubbs is sad because Miranda is being deported and doesn’t want him to go to England with her. She really does want him to go I think, but she is who she is. Idk, I don’t think I really care seeing as I don’t even remember their characters from the original airings. Oh wells. For some reason when Mia goes into the studio to listen to Grubbs’s music, he says he needs a minute because he just had his heart broken, she says she’s just had hers broken as well. Say whaaa? She broke up with Chase for her own hangups. I don’t get it. She rejected someone and Grubbs was soundly rejected. NOT the same thing, Mia! I don’t enjoy her.

Brooke and Victoria have a great Mother/Daughter heart to heart. Victoria is going to go back to run things in New York. Alexander wants to go back too so that he can run the men’s line there with Victoria. Brooke says he has the job. Millie is already there. Idk if we’ll ever see Millie again. We probably will.

Well, Haley is totes really not ok. It’s been two weeks since she set fire to the piano. She started seeing a therapist, but she skipped today’s session. She is flip with Jamie, asking, What, do you want a gold star?, when he tells her that he cleaned up or something. I don’t know, but she hurts his feelings. Haley also “fantasizes” about jumping into the pool and not coming up for air. Nathan is at a loss. He has arranged for Quinn to watch Jamie for the day.

Quinn and Jamie watch The Goonies. Quinn has prepared a treasure hunt for Jamie. Theme day! It’s actually pretty cool. At the end of it is a buried treasure chest…we saw her bury it earlier…with a bunch of stuff inside. Jamie fishes out a gold star and reburies the rest. They tie the map to some balloons and it flies away so that hopefully someone else will get to find the treasure. It flies over the pier where Clay is.

Well, Clay was minding his own business after finding Crazy Katie the Nut in his house. She was in the kitchen dressed like his wife and playing their song and all kinds of nutty buddy stuff. Katie thinks she is actually Sara. Clay tells her to get lost. While he’s figuring out how she new so many intimate details about his relationship with ihis wife, someone calls him. Turns out that it’s the police because Katie is about to jump off of the bridge. He goes out there and pretends to believe that she is really Sara. It works and the cops grab Katie. Unfortunately, this will not be the last time we see her. Bummers, I know.

So Hales is super sad. Nathan takes her for a drive but they get stuck in traffic and Haley books it. Nathan follows her to their spot by the water. He tries to win her over with Cracker Jacks again, but Haley just isn’t having it. Back at home, Nathan is folding laundry and Brooke comes over…to pick up Haley, I guess. They have a chat and Nathan says it’s time that he and Jamie become Haley’s everything because she is everything to them. Later Haley hangs out with Brooke who takes her to the boutique. Haley snarks at Victoria, but it don’t phase the old lady. Instead, she gives Haley a little pep talk about how wonderful and inspiring she is and how much her mother loved that version of her. And stuff, it’s actually pretty good. I didn’t know Victoria thought so highly of Haley…she still hates Peyton, I think. Haley looks a little taken aback and like Victoria may have reached a small part of her.

So at the same time, Haley has been making phone calls to her mother that are full of despair and a doom and gloom outlook on the world. While Haley is with Brooke, Nathan is going through bills. He sees the phone bill and notices that a lot of calls have been made to Lydia’s phone number. He asks Quinn where that phone is and they go get it from the gallery. They start to listen to the messages. Jamie is basically home alone since his mom has lost her grip on reality. He leaves a drawing on her bed with the gold star. She however is out by the pool. She goes through with it…she drops herself into the pool and I guess the idea is that she has no plans to come up for air. I think the intent to die is there even if the method leaves that outcome pretty much impossible. Which is good, we don’t want Haley to die. We want her to get better. I totes get it. Roll credits.

Until next time…tooda loos!