October 30, 2016

The music in this show can really help tell the story. When they really make an effort, they really do it right. The music in this episode really does help with the emotional impact of many of the scenes, starting with the opening. We open with Haley in the water “drowning” while significant moment in her life play out, especially ones involving water and all of them involving Nathan. We see the Cracker Jack scene, the first time they professed their love in the rain and then decided to get married, helping Jamie get over his fear of the water, and then their vow renewal and then Nathan jumping into the river and her screaming for help…that cry for help is when Nathan jumps into the water and pulls her up and tells her to breath and he holds her while they cry. It’s pretty powerful stuff set to Timshel by Mumford and sons.

We skip to Haley in a therapists office. He’s asking her why she did what she did. She said she thinks she was trying to feel something to feel alive. The doctor asks if she feels alive. Haley says no, but it made her want to. I get that. We hear the doctor say that he has no magic cure, just that sometimes people with depression wake up the next day feeling a little better than the day before. Now, they don’t really go into how long it’s been since Haley jumped in the pool or if she was committed at all. Something tells me she wasn’t and it’s basically the next day. We do see that the pool has been drained and there are already LOTS of leaves in it, so maybe she was or maybe it’s been a little while since that night. Idk, like I said, they don’t go into it.

We see Clay wanting to go to Julian’s premiere in Utah and wanting to invite Haley and family thinking it might be good for her to have a change of scenery. Quinn thinks it’s a great idea and then they proceed to have inappropro pillow talk. Ugh, my eyes…my ears!

Jamie is playing with a ball in the empty pool. Crazy how Jamie almost legit drowns and they take the stance of he needs to get over and passed it, but Haley has no real way or plan of drowning herself and it’s now without water. Actually surprised Nathan didn’t just have it filled in and be done with it. Innyway, Haley goes to see Jamie and say that she got her note and gold star and lovey dovey mom stuff. She hands him a hat for really cold weather and asks what it was he was wanting to do. He says he really wanted to with everyone to Utah to see Julian’s movie. She says he’ll be needing the hat. Jamie is super excited and goes to tell Nathan. Haley stays sitting there. She wants to feel happy, but she’s just not there yet, but she knows she needs to try for Jamie’s sake. The only thing that would keep them from going is her not wanting to and I get that.

So everyone goes to Utah. The Scotts, Julian and Brooke, Skills, Mouth, Clay and Quinn, Alex, Josh the actor dude, and Chase. They have a really good time there. Lots of fun adventures. Everyone has something to “heal” from this season. They all had to deal with some sort of trauma. They mend some of their relationship issues and gain a new understanding and appreciation of each other.

At one point Haley and Quinn go on a walk together and talk about stuff. Quinn says Lydia believed in reincarnation and wonders what she would be. Haley says she just wishes she was not dead pretty much. Quinn says she thinks Lydia will be a beautiful and majestic owl. Later on when Haley is on a walk alone she sees a giant owl. I swear it looks big enough to eat Haley. She goes up to it and you can see that she’s starting to feel better. She goes to see if Jamie wants to go sledding. He runs to tell everyone to get their sleds and she tells Nathan that she’s feeling better than she felt before. Which also goes with the conversation they had a couple nights before while everyone was out at the club.

Other stuff happening…Grubbs finishes his album with Mia and he leaves for London. Pretty sure that’s the last time we see Grubbs. Mia texts Chase that she wants him back. However, Chase and Alex have grown closer and he’s agreed to try with her. Oh no…only nobody cares. Alex and Josh have a heart to heart and when he leaves he’s going to go talk to his parents about him being gay. Pretty sure we never see or hear about him again. Jamie wears a really dumb outfit to Julian’s premier. Skills and Mouth are full on BFF again. I hate this one part though where they all go to a club and Alex says she’s Alex Dupree only they don’t get in because of that…the bouncer says that would’ve worked 2 rehabs ago. He ends up letting them all in because of Skills’s stupid coat. Ugh, I don’t care what anyone says…it’s hard out there for girls and whatever and whatnot. Let’s see, what else? Oh, Julian’s premier goes really well!

So they all go sledding and some really significant stuff happens with the Scotts because they totes own this show right now. Everybody has a lot of fun.

Back at home Haley tells Nathan she is pregnant and she thinks it’s a girl. They are both really happy about the news that Haley is expecting. I don’t know the timeline on things, but it seems strange she would be pregnant at this point. But hey, what’s a timeline in Tree Hill? They whole episode is happy and fun and super enjoyable and you would think they would want to end on an upbeat note.

Well this is OTH. At the beach house Quinn and Clay are on the couch and Clay says Quinn better get to bed because she’s too long for him to carry. I love that he can admit he would have a really hard time picking her up since they usually make it looks so easy on TV. They make each other laugh and Quinn goes to the room where she is greeted by our nutty buddy, Crazy Katie who without words or hesitation shoots Quinn. Clay goes to investigate and again without words or hesitation, she shoots him too. Satisfied with her work, Crazy Katie silently leaves the scene. Roll credits.

Until next time…tooda loos!