October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween! This episode is kind of fitting for the day as something kinda ghosty happens.

This episode starts off really strange. We see Haley sitting at the River Court writing a letter to Lucas about stuff. Then we cut to the scenes that ended the last season for everyone. Like we forgot or would’ve forgotten!

We’ll gloss over the whole Chase and Alex and Mia triangle because so what, who cares? They really don’t factor into the show as a whole and if their scenes were cut no one would say this episode was good but there was something missing…yeah, no one would miss them!

Brooke and Julian are engaged and they are talking about stuff. Nathan and Haley are going to have a baby. Clay and Quinn are shot by Crazy Katie. Like I said, all of this happened last season.

We do get the return of the old titles with the Gavin DeGraw song, I Don’t Wanna Be. Paul Johansson is no longer on the cast list. However, Clay, Quinn, Jamie, Alex, Julian and Millie are added, pretty sure Skills is no longer on it and Mouth is still somehow  around, Chase and Mia and Victoria are not on it as they are still listed as guest stars. I think this is the season with the different singers singing the song.

So remember how everyone, except Clay and Quinn, pretty much ended last season in a good place? Well, that’s quickly remedied. Naley tells Jamie that he’s going to have a sibling which prompts him on a couple of occasions to inquire as to how babies are made and when he doesn’t get a satisfactory answer enlists the aide of his best friend Chuck. Yeah, that doesn’t go so well. They Google “rabbit lady sex”. Like for real, I’m not making this up. Haley walks in and yeah, she’s not pleased.

Brooke and Julian have a great morning! They want to try and have a baby, what do doctors know? But really, sometimes they just aren’t right. Innyway, Haley walks in on them about to role play to let them know she’s going to have a baby. She leaves, but the mood it is killed. So they put the rest of their clothes on and while happy for Haley, they are admittedly jealous. Julian leaves the room for a bit and there’s a knock at the door. It’s the cops! Brooke gets arrested. As it turns out, Millie and Victoria have not run the company entirely on the up and up. They lied to investors about the company’s profits in order to get the men’s line launched. Well, someone found out and the company has to fold apparently. Brooke is disappointed in Millie because once upon a time they had integrity and stood up to Victoria and now they have fallen so far. Some authority types come in and strip the store bare, leaving Brooke with an empty boutique and no more Clothes Over Bro.’s. That’s kinda crazy how fast something can go down like that, but that’s what happened. Poor Brooke.

So Nathan is to report to training camp. He’s wants Haley and Jamie to come with him because he feels bad about the timing. Haley knows it’s because he’s worried about her because of the depression. She promises that if she goes down again she’ll let him know. Ok. They agree that he’ll go and they’ll visit and stuff. Haley’s been trying to get ahold of Quinn so that she can tell her the good news about the pregnancy. Nathan thinks it’s because of some superstition has about talking to Nathan before a big game or day or something, idk, sports people and their superstitions. He says he’ll stop by Clay’s on his way to Charlotte. Naley says a lot of lovey dovey stuff to each other and I’m still all about these two so, I dig.

Speaking of Clay and Quinn. So, they have been having a great day on the beach! Phenomenally perfect day with no one else around on the eerily empty beach. They have no clue. In fact, Clay thinks that Quinn getting shot was just a nightmare he had. They hear buzzing like it’s a phone vibrating and he says that he didn’t bring his phone down the beach and Quinn doesn’t have hers either. She asks him at one point if she should take the job in South Africa. Whaaa? Did I miss something. Admittedly, I probably did since I can’t fully pay attention to them all of the time. It’s a presonal problem. Innyway, they soon realize that something is terribly wrong! They are both bleeding around the chest area like they’ve been shot. We then see them looking pretty lifeless in the bedroom. Nathan is there knocking on the door, but no one answers. He tries calling, but no one answers. He leaves. Roll credits.

Until next time…tooda loos!