November 1, 2016

Haley is continuing to write her letter to Lucas. We learn that Haley misses everybody, but it helps that her sister Quinn is around now. Her voiceover ends on the episode’s title line. It’s what gives her comfort when she starts to feel like EVERYONE has abandoned her! Or something like that. Innyway, she tries calling Quinn again. Still feeling uneasy that she hasn’t heard from her sister since they got back from Utah, Haley goes to investigate over at the beach house herself. When she gets there she tries the door, but when no one answers she goes around the back. She goes through the open door to find Clay and Quinn unconscious, possibly dead, on the floor. She falls to her knees, distraught but still remaining relatively calm, and calls 911. Luckily, the crew that cares about people is on duty and Clay and Quinn are rushed to the hospital.

Haley tries calling Brooke, but Brooke doesn’t answer. Why doesn’t she answer? Well, she’s busy being rightfully angry at Millie and Victoria for signing her name to illegal stuff.

Haley does get ahold of Mia and asks her to go pick up Jamie from the park and keep him occupied until she calls. Mia says no problem and enlists the aid of Chase since he has a car. They go to get him, but Jamie refuses to go with them. He actually has legitimate reasons not to, given his history. Julian shows up and says Haley left a message to pick him up and Jamie goes with him. They spend the day together and Jamie knows somethings up with Quinn.

Brooke does show up to the hospital after getting Haley’s message. She stays with her friend until Nathan shows up. They have a sweet heart to heart and I hope they reintroduce the close Haley and Brooke friendship that developed in Season 3. They’ve still been friends and stuff, but they also seem to be on different shows sometimes. It’s weird. Innyway, Haley wants to blame herself for not going over sooner, but Brooke stops that train of thought. We no need depressed Haley at this moment in time. She’s usually the only one who knows how to function as a human.

The whole time everyone is sad and confused, Clay and Quinn are in the inbetween trying to piece together what’s happening. Clay is closer to death than Quinn and he urges her to return. It’s pretty amazing either one of these two is alive. For reals, yo.

So this whole episode seems to be about taking the blame for stuff that’s really out of their control. Really, the only person who is responsible for their own misery is Mia. She’s the only one who says, “It’s all my fault,” and it really is all their fault. SHE broke up with Chase. Everyone else can blame someone else legit. Katie pulled the trigger, not Clay or Haley. Millie and Victoria falsified documents, not Brooke. It’s also a lesson to be sappy with one another as often as possible in case something terrible happens.

Brooke and her mom do have a heart to heart and it’s sweet. I don’t think Brooke really gives a rats about Millie.

Millie ends up at TRIC talking to Mouth at the bar. Oh, as an aside, Alex is bartending there now…for a little while. Oh, what’s Mouth up to? All of a sudden he wants a job and keeps striking out with his business owning friend. He’s like annoying and useless and if they couldn’t find something for him to do, then why is he still around?!

Clay is really bad off and it just doesn’t look good for her. However, there’s more hope for Quinn. Jamie does go to the hospital and gives Quinn the gold star from the treasure chest. He had Julian return it because someone else needs it’s powers. He puts the start into her hand. While Jamie is talking to an unconscious Quinn, she hears him and starts digging in the sand. She finds the treasure box and the gold star is back in it.

After Jamie leaves, Quinn opens her eyes! But she looks kinda sad…probs because she left Clay behind and that’s only i

Until next time…tooda loos!