November 3, 2016

Ok, I’m sleepy, so this will be short and sweet. And to be completely hones, while I hate to say it, this episode is boring. Not a lot happens. Ok, I’m falling asleep. Here goes…


1. Chase and Alex go on a golfing date. She’s really awful at it and he’s really good at it. Whacky boy and girl fighting over stuck. They are a total strain on pressures minutes.


2. Haley volunteers at a Crisis Center and she doesn’t feel like she’s helping anyone since she hasn’t gotten any calls from someone. Then a lady calls in that needs some genuine support and she stays a for a little bit to listen.


3. Brooke is going to lose her company and her fortune because she wants to pay back every single one of their investors for the men’s line. That’s crazy! I’m with Victoria, they gambled and lost. Then again, I’m not sure I understand any of this. Where did the money go? Was it just scrapped entirely and that’s why? I don’t get any of this!


4. Quinn and Clay are recovering with some serious PTSD vibes flying off of Quin.


5. Nathan is contemplating leaving the NBA…for reasons.


I can’t right now. My eyes keep closing only I’m still typing and I keep getting left with newer sentences.


Until next time…tooda loos!