November 4, 2016

Once again we start with Haley’s voiceover writing her letter to Lucas. It’s about a week since Clay’s operation and Haley’s been volunteering at the Crisis Hotline in town. Nathan has put off breaking the news to Clay about having to retire from the sport of basketball.  Quinn is stil a lot PTSd, but she’s trying to mask it. Also, her bullet wound looks gross!

Jamie is worried that Nathan will become a drunk jerk if he doesn’t play basketball. This is a valid concern. However, we know that he won’t be going down that road again, that stroryline’s been played!

Brooke goes to visit Victoria in prison. Vickie is awful to Brooke wants she finds out that her daughter sold the company AND gave back 100% of investor money back to the investors. I still think that’s silly. They took a gamble and lost. The straight up 70 something % would’ve been more than enough I’m sure.

For some reason Julian is going to film a documentary of Mouth. Zzzzz…

Nathan tells Clay about his back and that he won’t be playing. Clay is super ok with whatever is best for Nathan. He says that his old agency is going to rep all of his clients. Nathan thinks that’s a bad idea. Because it totes IS! He decides he wants to help Clay run Fortitude. Oh, yeah, that’s the name of Clay’s startup agency…remember when he went all Jerry McGuire?

Brooke finally tells off her mom and Victoria looks like she’s about to make ANOTHER personality change. Go figure.

And that’s about the long and short of it.

Until next time…tooda loos!