November 5, 2016

It’s Halloween in Tree Hill so we open on Quinn’s nightmare where everyone is turning into a zombie…or a vampire if you ask Haley and Brooke. It’s actually pretty funny.

And I don’t particularly care for different people singing their version of the theme song. Nothing beats the original and everything else just sounds stupid. Also, I think this is the first episode of the season that doesn’t start…Dear Lucas.

Haha, Chuck is wearing a gross clown mask and Haley is scared…she thinks it’s Jamie, but it’s not. Haha.

Nathan is hanging out with his boyfriend, Clay. They are talking players and agents and stuff. It’s the Bobcat’s opener and Nathan won’t be in it because he retired.

Oh, it’s a bunch of people I don’t care about hanging out at TRIC. Zzzz…

Oh, the lady with the accent has called the Crisis Hotline again. I guess the lady is Irish. She’s depressed or something. Haley’s going to help her.

Brooke’s sad because she stupidly sold her company and gave away her fortune to pay back investors that gambled and lost. Whatever. Nothing about her being a famous designer with a fashion empire that is now no longer makes any sense. Oh, look, it’s Sharon Lawrence! She’s Julian’s mom!

Clay sends Nathan on an assignment. I don’t understand anything about what they are doing.

OMG, kids.

Quinn is not into Halloween right now. She’s afraid of random people. Only, what happened to them wasn’t random!

Nathan is meeting with a football player that’s not playing for reasons…his agents. Nathan thinks like a player so he’s going to prove to be an asset.

Ooo, Sharon thinks Brooke is no good or something. Not really share what she’s referring to…like she’s a gold digger? Idk. I’m not sure Julian is really a millionaire either. And when they say that Brooke has no money, do they mean no money or just a few less millions and it seams like she has no money in the grand scheme of for rich people it’s never enough? Anybody? Oh, the mom came to town earlier because she wants to pay for the wedding. Ooookay. What’s the catch?

OMG, Clay is Edward Cullen…he looks great! Quinn thinks she sees Katie, but she doesn’t really…she is freaking out! Or is she?

Haha, Naley hates couples costumes. Only Nathan was ready to be all about them for the split second he thought Haley was into them. Oh, Nathan. He’s taking the kids trick or treating while Brooke and Haley shop for costumes. Brooke wants to get a couples costume for she and Julian that’s based on A Clockwork Orange, one of Julian’s favorite movies. This confuses Haley because whaaa? How can you make a couples costume out of that? Oh, and of course Haley has read the BOOK!

Clay, yes you could move, but I doubt it’s just the beach house. He tells her she should take the photo assignment in South Africa, maybe getting a way will be good for her.

Nathan’s with the kids. Chuck is so much bigger than Jamie! Haha, good ol’ this house has a bad person living there.

Julian is dressed as a Dalmatian and his mom is Cruella d’Evil. Haha. Brooke is NOT happy by this turn of events. Julian is so weak.

Time for the Halloween party at TRIC! Nathan is dressed up as an old time ad man? Haley is dressed as herself in high school…a pregnant cheerleader. Haha. This show. Brooke is dressed as an orange. I’m not sure she’s ever seen A Clockwork Orange. Ouch, Chase still makes really bad drinks and Sharon let him know it.

Chase and Mouth have told Nathan to high five Julian. OMG, you have to see it to believe it. This guy is so goofy.

Oops, Clay found Quinn’s gun. Ruh roh.

Junk is not the best babysitter. Jamie, Chuck, and Madison sneak out to back to the “scary” house they skipped. They do, Chuck goes to the door and gets pulled in by a guy in a hockey mask. He comes out with a nigh stuck in his head, but it’s just a prank. It’s Chuck’s Uncle Joe. That was a good one.

It’s Open Mic Night at the TRIC party. They haven’t really shown anyone that great. The last one is of course “great” sounding. She’s playing the piano and singing and stuff. Haley goes to get a closer look. She’s the 23rd person of the night. I guess that’s supposed to be meaningful since Mia mentioned it. Idk, maybe not. After the song, Haley tells the lady she was great and she sounds like the lady that’s been calling Haley on the hotline. Haley is all…hmmmm…

Why is the gallery gone? Clay says Quinn needs to take the photo assignment because her camera will save her and the gun won’t. She agrees to go.

We end on Naley at home having a good talk and Jamie passed out on the living room floor. They are the best, I just love them. Roll credits.

Until next time…tooda loos!