November 6, 2016

Ok, so I watched this one way earlier this morning. However, now I am super sleepy, didn’t realize how late it was. F’ing YouTube!

Here’s what I remember from this morning…

Julian’s mom may or may not be an alcoholic.

Brooke and Sylvia, Julian’s mom, spent the day Bridal shopping at an Expo. Haley joined them for a short bit, but she was not helpful for Brooke as she loved everything the mom loved. Oh, Haley.

Alex is back to apologize to Chase for how she left things. It does not go well for Alex. He rejects her at every turn.

Julian has NO friends. Well, not dude friends that can be his best man. Nathan agrees to use his house for the poker table. Poker doesn’t go all that well for him as he comes out in the same place they started…No Best Man and they guys still think he’s an uber dork.

Nathan goes to Atlanta to figure out how to help a potential client. It doens’t go that well when contract lingo started to overwhelm Nathan. No worrries, Clay apologizes and then explains some of the terms later.

Ok, I am super sleepy. My eyes keep closing and I keep having to delete sentences that have nothing do with anything and make no sense. Cray.

I’m sorry, I’ll try better tomorrow. I’m starting to make people up and think the scenarios are real. Ugh.

Until next time…tooda loos!