November 7, 2016

Previously on One Tree Hill…Haley let the lady on the phone know she heard her sing at Open Mic Night at TRIC which caused the lady to hang up the phone…Nathan has his first client and his on his way to officially being a sports agent despite his first foray not going so well…Brooke’s situation is a mess, but I think she gets to keep her house! Julian’s mom is in town for the wedding.

Julian is trying to help Jamie feel better about having braces. I don’t know that pain.

Clay drops Nathan off at the airport. Nathan is going to Atlanta to sign Troy, the rookie football player that doesn’t have a contract yet.

Brooke has officially signed over Clothes Over Bro.’s. This is sad. Remember when it started in the apartment? Let’s all mourn with Brooke. Ok, moving on…

Haley’s wearing an eye patch. Whaaa? Haley’s kind of a bully. She’s wearing it until Jamie stops pouting about his braces. Haha.

I’m sorry Chase, but you soooo deserved to get slapped. And she should’ve slapped you again!

Jerry from the station is now program director and he wants to get Mouth back on board. We’ll see. Don’t really care though. It’s not going to happen anyway, don’t know why that guy would come and get his hopes up like that. Jerkface.

Whoa, Brooke just told Sylvia like it is. She learned in New York that when you take an investor’s money, you take their input. She doesn’t want Sylvia paying for her wedding because she doesn’t want her input. Whoa. She just wants a small wedding she can afford. Sylvia is being a bit tacky seeing as Brooke just lost a company she started in high school. I know our friends always push through, but this is a big blow. Whoa, she just called Sylvia old and an alcoholic. Come on Brooke, let’s not get mean.

No, I like Grace Potter and still don’t like this different singers recording their own version of the theme song.

Julian’s documentary about what’s next is going to be really boring. While I love this show, I can’t imagine a two hour documentary about our friends and people that won’t go away would be all that interesting. You know, the way Julian talked before, I thought his mom was dead or gone or something. I just now realized I’m surprised she’s around.

Oh, Haley looks good in this scene. She and Mia are talking about Erin and how good she is and how they want to work with her, but the lady is scared to work or something. Idk.

Julian finds Brooke dropping water balloons off of the roof of the store. She says it’s something Peyton would do. Um, no, it’s something that Haley and Lucas would do that Peyton then usurped. Right? I still don’t buy it as a thing though. Like wouldn’t everyone have been aware of it happening a lot since that’s a pretty high traffic area? Meh. They have a heart to heart. Brooke knows she shouldn’t be taking things out on Sylvia and should apologize, but Julian is pretty understanding.

Oh look, it’s Clay trying to open a can. He’ll get there. Quinn is still gone on assignment.

Nathan has Troy in the stadium. They’re going to go make a deal.

Julian’s interviewing Haley now and Jamie walks in with head gear. It’s actually pretty funny. Haley goes to talk to Jamie. They got this chick to do some really goofy stuff. Gotta see it to believe it.

Whoa, Tony Gonzalez. He makes a pitch for Troy to join the Falcons.

Clay sees the picture in the paper of Will Bennett, the guy that he met in the inbetween and whose kidney he has. He goes to visit his grave. Hmmm…will he start to remember his time in the inbetween?

Ugh, Julian interview Mouth. Zzz…

Julian philosophizes about happiness with Brooke. He makes sense…”Happiness is a mode, not a destination.”…I still can’t believe she’s ending up with such a goober.

Oh, Erin’s in the studio playing the piano. I always think it’s weird that these people are famous, like people have heard Mia’s music. Bleh. Erin asks how Haley is as a person. Um, you talk to her on the phone at the Crisis Hotline. Not just anybody does that stuff. Mia lets her know that Haley is good people.

Now Clay is talking to Will’s gravestone to sat thank you and that he’s going to do his best to earn it.

Nathan talks to Troy about earning success and proving your worth on the field not the stands and dreams and yadda yadda yadda. Nathan is so cheesey, I loves him. Nathan’s hair might be getting out of control.

Whoa, he moves fast, now he’s by his pool being interviewed by Julian and waxing poetic about basketball and if he’ll ever be good at anything else. OMG, I’d actually watch a documentary that just follows Nathan. Whoa, now he’s back in Atlanta in the locker room talking to Tony Gonzalez. I don’t think Tony ever gets a ring. Does he still play? Yeah, no, he didn’t and he doesn’t.

Brooke and Sylvia have a good talk/heart to heart. Awww.

OMG, they still have the burned piano. Erin is at the house and sees the piano. Haley opens up about it. Um, Haley, I’m pretty sure what turned you around was the owl. Admit it, it was the owl. Erin is totally digging all of this.

Yay, Nathan’s first client officially has a deal in the NFL. It’s because Nathan’s so cute and sweet. Troy even gives him a signe football. Awww.

Clay’s not really starting over. He’s picking himself back up after getting shot. He’s still an agent, just no longer with a big agency.  Oh, even Clay is confused by what Julian is talking about, ok. He thought that Julian was referring to turning Nathan, a retired basketball player, into an agent. Nathan is ACTUALLY starting over. Totally new career and focus. Awww, Clay goes to pick him up from the airport. They’re good friends.

Jamie’s going to be alright.

OMG, Haley forgot her skirt. Haha.

Nathan replaces his Ravens as basketball on the mantel with the signed football Troy gave him.

We see Troy talk the field as the quarterback of the Atlanta Falcons. Nathan and Jamie are there on the sidelines. Cool.

Brooke is still really sad COB is no longer hers. It is sad.

I don’t like that we didn’t get a scene of her and Haley and Mouth helping Brooke through it a little bit. They were there with her when it started. Heck, none of our core interacted in this one. Oh well.

Until next time…tooda loos!