November 8, 2016

It’s Election Night in America, but it’s Thanksgiving Day in Tree Hill. It’s crazy how this show never really mentioned holidays and now they are running through them.

It’s weird because you think it would be just a given that everyone would go to Naley’s house for Thanksgiving, but it just wasn’t the case. Of course, we had to have a funny scenario in which everyone (except Chase) ended up there. But no worries, Haley predicted this because she knows her friends are idiots and she made PLENTY of food.

Oh and it’s a return to writing Lucas a letter. Once upon a time they celebrated Thanksgiving together and split a wishbone. Cheesy stuff, I miss their onscreen friendship!

Chases side story is stupid and I really don’t care for him very much. He spends the whole day at TRIC. He has it fully operational and no customers and no real chance of any. Then he proceeds to drink the liquor. Um, he should be so fired. I can’t believe they have Mia and Alex fighting over this guy. By the end of the night though, they seem to be over it. I prefer Alex to Mia though. Mia’s no fun and not really that nice.

Haley also invited Erin to join them. So.

Victoria gets out of prison and makes her way to the house thanks to Julian’s mom. They get along well, but it may be too late for her and Brooke. There’s a lot of damage there. Haley talks to Brooke at the end of the night. OMG, I can’t believe they’re sharing a scene again! They have a good heart to heart pep talk.

So as it turns out, Nathan did not graduate from college, he has no degree. Clay informs him that a college degree is a requirement. He feels all down on himself, but then Haley’s all, I believe in you, believe in yourself, so it looks like Nathan will be going back to college.

Oh and Quinn is back. She seems to have made a detour after her trip to South Africa. We see her developing her film in the dark room and amongst her pics of giraffes and stuff…you guessed it, Crazy Katie out an about. Roll credits.

Until next time…tooda loos!