November 9, 2016

Ok, so this episode has a lot going on, it’s a flurry of stuff. Mia managed to book Kid Cuddi. To this day I stil have no idea who that is or a song of his. But he sure had some kind words of encouragement for Erin who opened for them. Haley manages to successfully manipulate Mia and Alex into tending bar together so that TRIC will be full all night for the show. It’s crazy how Haley has to and manages to run a label, manage musicsians, keep night club open, and still manages to have time for her family. She works hard.

Nathan starts his classes at the the University and Peter Reigert is going to be a TOUGH professor. But Nathan is putting in the study time. He and Jamie hang out during the evening and take turns helping each other out. Jamie has Spelling Bee coming up soon.

Brooke is a mopey moperson since losing her company and her fortune. Julian has found her list that Millie made when she was trying to cheer Brooke up that one time. Remember the Bucket List?! Julian starts helping Brooke go through the list, the only bogus one being that they skydive. I’m not really sure of ALL the skydiving rules, but something tells me reputable business don’t just let people jump out of planes on a whim, especially not without a professional diver in tandem. Eh, whatever, lucky Brooke no go splat!

And while everyone is working hard and trying to get out of their funks, Quinn finds Dan at a diner. He seems to be there making burgers for no one in the middles of nowhere. She’s there to ask Dan how to kill someone. Instead of telling her that the only person he ever killed was his brother and he didn’t plan it nor dispose of the body…he instead proceeds to write her a list of what she needs to do. Granted he also tells her NOT to kill anybody! They have this really disjointed from the episode conversation. After it’s over, she leaves and drives back to Tree Hill. She stops at the bridge and throws her gun into the water.

Of course, the biggest reveal is that Crazy Katie is on her way back into Tree Hill.

Until next time…tooda loos!