November 10, 2016

Whoa, many a harrowing ordeal occurs on a dark and stormy night. Naley actually gets to have a lala land type of night. Their time in the storm consists of mishaps in the storm with flat tire. They’re goofy. Everyone else has a super bad night that Naley doesn’t join in on until the end.

Spelling Bee ends with Jamie getting second place. He’ll later reveal to Brooke that he threw the competition because he wanted Madison to win. Ooookay, of course, yeah right, whatever Jamie. Innyway, he asks his mom and dad if he can ride back with Madison and Chuck in Ms. Lauren’s car. Despite their initial and what should’ve been final answer of NO, they allow Jamie to go with his friends and teacher. Ugh.

In a moment of, I’m not sure that’s entirely accurate, the cell phones in Tree Hill have no signal and no one can make a phone call. This bit of whaaa? is necessary for all of these scenarios to play out, of course.

Brooke’s been on the road driving because she’s mad at Julian. They just had a rando fight about him wanting to move L.A. and her not wanting to do that. They are able to reach each other for a brief moment in which he tells her to come back, he’s sorry. She wants to, but the storm is so bad she can hardly see the road. The phone starts to cut out and I guess he’s able to make out that she’s on the Gable Bridge. She screams and the connection is lost. Why did Brooke scream? Chuck is in the middle of the road and bleeding from his head. He points towards Ms. Lauren’s car. They’ve been in an accident.

Meanwhile, Quinn is home alone at the beach house. Clay is working out of town checking in on some clients. Of course, this is when Homicidal Katie decides to strike. Quinn realizes that someone’s in the house with her and hides under the bed with a knife. Katie finds her and drags her out and Quinn stabs her in the leg. Katie whips out her gun, but unlike last time, she has some words and then throws the bullets out since they didn’t work on Quinn last time. She removes the knife from her leg and Quinn bolts. Katie mentions that Quinn should live the rest of her days in fear of her return and says, I’m your storm! These two struggle and play cat and mouse and struggle some more. Eventually, it gets to a point where Quinn is able to find a bullet, load the gun with it, and is able to shoot Katie with it. She tells Katie that she’s not going to leave her there for 12 hours, then goes and cries for a little bit in the living room. Later the ambulance and police come and cart Katie off…Hopefully, they COMMITT her! She’s a mess in the head, yo…But before they roll her on into the ambulance, Quinn tells her, I’m your storm. OMG, this is totally memorable, we all still laugh about this. I’m your storm! Later the next day we get some symbolic imagery in which Quinn opens a window and walks away from it, signifying that she’s no longer afraid. Or some suchness. Roll credits.

Oh, so the car accident business ends up being a thing. Brooke is able to get Madison and Ms. Lauren out of the car. She also then entrusts Ms. Lauren to drive the children in a car to go get them help. I hope Ms. Lauren makes it to her destination this time! Jamie of course is still stuck in the car because everyone forgot how a seatbelt works. I don’t see a single person try to push the button. I’m not actually entirely sure how he’s stuck at all as the car is on its side and he’s sitting up right. Either way, she’s unable to pull him free and finds tiny manicure set scissor things to try and cut the belt away. Jamie of course doesn’t try and in any way to wriggle out of it. They talk and Julian finds them. However, a car comes barreling through, swerves to knock the car into the water and drives away. Ugh. Julian jumps in and now Brooke’s leg is stuck and Jamie is once again sitting up right only this time the car is upright as well. Luckily, the levy has held and the water levels haven’t risen high enough to sink the car. Until the levy breaks and proceeds to flud the car. Brooke pleads with Julian to save Jamie and then come back for her. He pulls the belt and it tears and Jamie out. So, was the lap part of the belt not on him anymore? He showed no indication of that having been a factor. Why couldn’t he have wriggled out of the belt himself? Why is Jamie so useless?!

Naturally, by the time Julian is able to get to Brooke she’s under the water and drowns. After a bit, he’s able to free her and start CPR. At this point Nathan and Haley drive up and Jamie thinks Aunt Brooke is dead. He’s not wrong. Eventually, she starts to breathe again and help arrives. Eventually, everyone gets home. Julian stays up all night on the couch while Brooke sleeps there on his lap. The Scotts are all together in the master bed, Jamie in the middle.

Everyone survives the night and all I can say is, Phew! ::wipes sweat from brow::

Until next time…tooda loos!