November 12, 2016

It’s Brooke’s wedding day! And guess what, NOTHING bad happens! The worst thing is that Brooke’s dad is a no show, but since we weren’t expecting him, it’s not all that big a deal. The other not great thing that happens is that Chas and Mia end up being found in the limo doing it. The worst part of all that is that Brooke and Julian end up having to take the truck, which thanks to Skills’s paranoia, is decorate as the just in case backup car. Yeah, not really sure why Mia and Chase didn’t just leave, no one would’ve really missed them and they are irrelevant. Bleh. The only good thing about it is Alex seems to finally get over Chase in that moment which I hope sticks!

Jamie is the best man and gives a really sweet and thoughtful speech.  Haley is the maid of honor and gives an ok speech. It’s based on something Julian tells him earlier in the day about why he has half of a county fair ride token. Her speech takes some liberties and it’s not my favorite, but it’s not terrible.

Quinn spends the bulk of the episode nervous to admit to Clay that it isn’t his fault that Katie came back on that dark and stormy night. She thinks it’s really her fault since Katie came back after she saw Quinn taking stalker photos of her. Um, I’m pretty sure it’s no one’s fault but Katie’s for trying to come and kill Quinn. She’s the one that drove over 50 miles to come and kill someone, not Clay or Quinn. Clay doesn’t say that, but he doesn’t get mad at her, just says he was scared to lose her and stuff. It’s goes well because EVERYTHING goes well in this episode.

The wedding is beautiful, the reception is beautiful, everyone and everything is beautiful. Zzzz…haha.

Until next time…tooda loos!