November 19, 2016

So, I forgot one important detail about the last episode that I didn’t remember until Julian mentioned it. He and Brooke are moving to New York. I don’t it’s true, but she was offered a job to work for her old company and they felt that it would be good for them to get out of Tree Hill.

It’s the opening game of the season for the Jamie’s baseball team. This is one of those episodes that is told during the game, but everybody is just like flashing back. But then some people aren’t there and done. What I’m trying to say is it’s really disjointed and all over the place, but it gets to the point.

The highlights are that the team wins the game. Quinn gets a really dark spray tan and then it all comes off in the hot tub. It’s pretty funny. She got it to go to Puerto Rico on assignment to photograph swimsuit models or something.

Brooke gives Haley the Karen’s Cafe sign thingy. They are both going to miss each other like crazy!

Chase asks Alex to take a drug test for him. He was forced by a member of Kid Cudi’s crew to take a hit off a joint and he thinks it might still be in his system. He wants to join the Air Force! Alex says she’ll help.

Clay, Nathan, and Julian take Ian to the place where he rammed Miss Lauren’s car into the water which almost drowned Brooke and Jamie. At first he tries to deny it, but then he acts like they should be happy they dodged a bullet and he can go on with his career. They can’t believe how despicable he is. Clay just can’t even and goes over the rail and into the water with him. Then Julian grabs him and starts dunking his head into the water over and over. Then Nathan punches him in the face. They leave him there to reevaluate his life and walk home and stuff. He still has his tryout for the scouts though, he’s just no longer represented by Fortitude. And he’ll forever be gross.

Nathan has a heart to heart with Kellerman. They come to understand each other better. And as it turns out, they each had a similar thought about the other, Nathan thinking Kellerman was Dan to Ian and Kellerman thinking Nathan was like Ian. Kellerman sets sail with Dogust, but not before telling Nathan about a bird that could save the River Court from the condo developers.

Nathan contemplates his life with Haley and that he still has some PTSD where Dan is concerned. Haley thinks maybe he should go to diner and tell Dan what he’s thinking. She thinks Nathan deserves to get things off of his chest. Nathan does go, but he doesn’t go in and just drives away.

And for the final huge reveal…

Brooke’s pregnant. Whaaa? She found out from Alex who found out from Chase who found out from the doctor’s office. See, Alex had “accidentally” had one of Quinn’s pot brownies and knew she couldn’t actually take the test for him. They’ve been getting closer and she really wanted to be the one that helped him, but brownies. So she went to find Julian, but he was out so she asked Brooke to help. Brooke did and the doc office called and said there was mix up because Chase really can’t get pregnant. Chase was happily going to stay with Alex and not join the Air Force when he thought she was the one that was pregnant.

Until next time…tooda loos!