November 11, 2016

After the seriousness of the last episode, we are treated to comedy. Brooke wakes up looking like she had a wild night and finds Sylvia asleep in a bathroom tub. Whaaa?

Yep, it’s one of those, We had such a wild night and don’t remember what went down!

What sets off the day of putting the pieces back together is the fact that Brooke is wearing a toy ring on the finger where her engagement ring is supposed to be.

Haley shows up the next morning, having left early to tutor Nathan (only, not really, she left early for a different reason). The actress is really really pregnant at this point so she kinda had to sit out a lot of the fun stuff. She can’t drink, so if she had stayed, then she would’ve remembered everything!

Their many adventures that they uncover are why Millie has a tramp stamp of boots, they tp’d Professor Kellerman’s house and stole Dogust his dog, Alex and Quinn bond, and all kinds of other crazy stuff. It’s also brought to light that Brooke and Sylvia had a terrible exchange of unpleasantries that neither of them really meant.

Eventually, it’s found out what happened to Brooke’s ring. Also, it turns out that Sylvia ended up paying for the wedding, only Haley had given her Brooke’s wedding book and that’s what Sylvia used. So Brooke ended up getting everything she wanted. Awww. Also, Peyton isn’t going to make it to the wedding. Brooke tells Haley this and while they are both sad, Brooke realizes that Haley has really been there and wants her to be the maid of honor. Haley accepts. Haley really is there for Brooke more than Peyton ever was since we’ve known them…and now they are each other’s maid of honor!

All in all, a really fun episode that moves the story along and isn’t boring.

Until next time…tooda loos!