November 13, 2016

If you wanna chuckle and are looking for some good clean fun, this is the episode for you! Most of the time this series gets ridiculous in an uberserious direction, but this is not trying to be serious at all!

It starts out looking like a comic book that ends up being Brooke’s dream that manifests itself as sleep fighting. This is apparently something she’s been doing. Julian goes to shoot a commercial for the college while she has to stay home and play housewife since she’s recently unemployed. They’ve been watching the movie Kick Ass (which I guess this is somewhat of a commercial for since they mention it several times). She watches it with Haley and while Haley finds it to be a bit “vulgar” she also wishes that she could be more of a superhero to the people at the crisis hotline.

The next day Brooke has made them both superhero costumes! Haley is not into it, but when she puts it on she gets kinda into it.

Meanwhile, Quinn is hanging with Alex who wants to record a song in the studio for her movie, but Mia turned her away and she wants Quinn to talk to Haley for her. Quinn’s all, ok. But Quinn was hoping for a more exciting assignment. She’s been feeling restless since she survived yet another Crazy Katie attack. Also, in an attempt to make it seem like Mouth should be a regular, he works with Julian to film a commercial. Mia and Alex end up reaching an understanding because Alex really can sing. Chase signs up to be a Big Brother and is assigned Chuck. They end up bonding and we start to get more insight into why Chuck is Chuck. And Nathan and Clay band together to stick it to Professor Kellerman. That guy really is a jerk. Oh and one of Nathan’s classmates is the guy that played Michael Oher in The Blinds Side. Neat.

So the girls are dressed in their “high end superhero apparel” and Quinn walks in at that moment. They don’t let her leave as she’s seen too much. She’s totally game to join the team. They end up being B. Dazzled, Baby Mama, and Shutterbug. Haley is not into her name. Later she will prove to be and would much rather be called, Mastermind. They end up helping a student from Tree Hill High and it’s actually a pretty genius encounter, the ladies really sell it.

It’s all super hilarious and I laughed quiet a bit.

Until next time…tooda loos!