November 14, 2016

So we’ve skipped over Christmas and New Years and headed straight into Valentine’s Day! This is yet another episode that is filled with only good things happening (well, with a couple of exceptions).

Our Tree Hill friends are coupled up for the day. Julian and Brooke spend the whoooole day and night together role playing for sexytimes. At the end of the night Julian throws down the “let’s adopt!” and Brooke gets all weepy. We’ll see what happens with these two.

Mouth and Millie spend the whoooole day together. Ugh. They spend most of it filming a tryout reel for Mouth to get a field reporter job at the station. Only at the end of the night, the station calls, but they wanna talk to Millie. Dun dun dun…who cares?!

Clay and Quinn have a good morning and Clay says he doesn’t really like Valentine’s Day. He also tells Quinn he isn’t able to get her tickets to the concert she wants to go to. Quinn’s ok with that, but if all he has planned is a night out at TRIC, she’s got other plans for the day. She goes to hang out with Jamie and help him prepare a valentine for Madison. It’s sweet. Clay goes with Nathan to meet a potential client. This guy is a hot pitching prospect for the Major League and he also happens to be Professor Kellerman’s son. He’s a jackhole.

Chase and Chuck spend the day to together at TRIC. Chase sent a cab to go pick him up and bring him to the bar. Chuck thinks this odd, but Chase just says that Chuck’s mom was unable to drive him over and he couldn’t leave the bar unattended. He helps Chuck make a valentine for his mom and listens to Chuck sing an original show tune. Yep, as it turns out, Chuck loves show tunes and writes his own. It’s actually pretty cute. Oh and it turns out that Chucks mom is passed out on the couch in “green” room. That’s really why Chase couldn’t leave. She had shown up already wasted and passed out, TRIC isn’t even open today. Oops! He let’s the mom know the what and I think she really hears him…at least for now… since she’s managed to get herself together by the time Chuck gets home.

Chase doesn’t want Chuck to know his mom’s been there the whole time and needs his help so after he sends the mom home he keeps Chuck around a little longer. Chuck stays to help with Quinn and Clay’s date. Oh yeah, as it turns out. Clay LOVES Valentine’s Day (no one is surprised) and has planned a whole thing for her at TRIC. He has actually booked the dude she wanted to see in concert so she gets her own private concert. It’s all beautiful and sweet.

Madison and Jamie have their Valentine’s Day at the arcade. They have a great time and exchange valentines. They both love what they are given and continue to have more fun playing games. It’s super sweet.

As for Naley, they don’t have a day quite like the others. First, Haley really picks on Jamie and it’s kinda funny. It’s not mean stuff, but when she messes with him because she’s the mom, it’s pretty funny. There’s also a really great scene that show’s Naley’s morning wash up routine and how in sync they are and how like the romance is dead kinda thing. It’s like, “Valentine’s Day? Meh”. Nathan says he hasn’t planned anything really. They’re just gonna watch a movie on the couch. After he leaves Haley snoops around the house for her gift. She finds some, but they aren’t all for her. When Nathan gets home she’s decorated the living area with candles and has on a nice dress thingy. Nathan’s all, what’s going on, I thought we were gonna watch a movie. He goes to take a shower and Haley pouts. When he gets back down she is really upset and starts to apologize and then takes it back for her mood swings. She’s pregnant! Nathan is all, Whaaa? She says she saw all that stuff in the pantry and he is miffed that she snooped. Then he just keeps walking away as she yells at him and follows behind him. He opens the door to their bedroom and it’s decorated with petals and candles. And on the bed is a tray of Ho Ho’s! She’s been craving those like crazy. She’s all, you still love me? And he’s all, of course you dork! He gives her some nice earrings and it’s really sweet, but all she really wants is that tray of Ho Ho’s. So that’s what they do with their evening. They eat snacks on the bed and there’s a final sweet kiss. Roll credits.

I guess Haley actually being really really really pregnant in real life really slowed down the drama and they just got full on goofy instead. But season 9 is coming up people, season 9 is coming up!

Until next time…tooda loos!